The Sichuan Provincial Government Scholarship is applicable to the higher education institutions of Sichuan Province which are entitled to enroll foreign students. These institutions include full-time regular higher education institutions, higher vocational colleges, and junior colleges which have been approved by the Chinese Ministry of Education and offer formal programs.
Doctoral student scholarship: 30000 RMB/person/year
Master student scholarship: 25000 RMB/person/year
Undergraduate student scholarship: 20220 RMB/person/year
Junior college student scholarship: 15000 RMB/person/year
Long-term student scholarship: 10000 RMB/person/year

Sichuan Provincial Government Scholarship Majors

Majors suitable for foreign students

Sichuan Provincial Government Scholarship Qualification of applicants

Excellent students among the doctoral students, master students, undergraduate students, junior college students and long-term students who are studying in the relevant institutions and who are applying to study in the institutions. The students will get the scholarship every year until they finish their study on the premise that they are approved by the institutions every year.

The procedure of Sichuan Provincial Government Scholarship

Foreign students may search on the website of the institutions to get the information about the procedure of enrollment and the application for the scholarship. Based on the application requirements, foreign students may directly submit the written application to the relevant institutions.

Sichuan Provincial Government Scholarship Application materials (in duplicate)

A. Application form for Sichuan Provincial Government Scholarship
B. The notarized photocopies of the highest diploma and transcripts. (Documents in languages other than Chinese or English must be attached with notarized translations in Chinese or English)
C. Photocopy of the passport
D. Health certificate
E. Letters of recommendations from two professors or associate professors of the applicant’s universities or colleges. (for master student and doctoral student only)
F. Other material needed by the relevant institutions

Sichuan Provincial Government Scholarship Acceptance and Review

The application form is accepted every year and it is from January to June. The relevant institutions accept the forms promptly according to the enrollment standard for the scholarship students and the qualification of the students.
The review work is carried out by the relevant institutions. The institutions should establish Scholarship Review Group to work out specific measures and report it to the Education Department of Sichuan Province for the record.

Sichuan Provincial Government Scholarship Contact

International Exchange and Cooperation Office of Education Department of Sichuan Province
Postcode 610041
Telephone number 028-86129011 86128031
Fax number 028-86113730
Details of the contact of relevant institutions can be found in their websites

Institutions for Sichuan Provincial Government Scholarship