Engineering is a broad subject. There are many different types of engineering. It can be hard to decide which one you want. You can help yourself decide by identifying what interests you. What is it that gets you excited? And what are you spending your spare time doing? Every type of engineering involves some sort of problem-solving. However, what engineering solution gives you the most buzz? You’ll be more motivated to continue your engineering career if you choose a subject that interests you.

To help you choose which branch of engineering is right for you, here’s a list of all the different branches.

Aerospace/aeronautical engineering

This branch of engineering deals in the design, development, construction and testing of aircraft. Astronautical engineering could also be studied, with a focus on spacecraft and deep space conditions.

If you are interested in this type of engineering,

  • The history and method behind flying machines is fascinating, right from their earliest conceptions to modern day jets.
  • You are interested in the mechanics and operation of flight travel.
  • Computer simulations are fascinating to you. You want to see how aircraft machinery performs in extreme conditions.

Specializations in aeronautical engineering

Aeronautical engineering can lead to specialized areas in aerodynamics and composites analysis. Learn more .

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Inżynieria chemiczna

This engineering involves the use of biological and chemical processes to create useful materials. This multidisciplinary field combines natural and experimental sciences, such as chemistry and physical sciences, with life sciences, such as biology and microbiology, and mathematics and economics.

If you are interested in this type of engineering,

  • An analytical mind is yours.
  • You might also consider studying chemistry, or any other natural/life sciences.
  • You are interested in the chemical processes that go into making everyday products.

Specializations in chemical engineering

You might choose to specialize in chemical reactions engineering, process engineering or transport phenomena if you are interested in studying chemical engineering. These are more detailed.

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inżynieria lądowa

Civil engineering refers to the profession of developing and designing infrastructure projects. It can be large-scale, like the development and maintenance of national transport systems, or small scales, like the construction of roads or buildings.

If you are interested in this type of engineering,

  • You are interested in building and designing things.
  • You are interested in mechanics and hydraulics, geotechnics (using knowledge about the Earth’s crust for solving construction problems), materials science, statistical analysis, and mechanics.
  • You would like to improve your design skills, especially in computer-aided design.

Specializations in Civil Engineering

There are several common specializations in civil engineering: structural engineering, transport engineering, geotechnical and environmental engineering. These are more detailed.

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Inżynieria komputerowa

Computer engineering is the creation and prototyping computer hardware and software. This subject combines computer science with electrical engineering. You may choose to study computer engineering alongside one or both of these subjects.

If you are interested in this type of engineering,

  • If you are interested in a career as a computer engineer, such as a software developer, or an engineer with a technical background,
  • You are interested in science, mathematics, and computers and would like to know more about the physical operation of computers.
  • You are looking to create new products and systems that take advantage of the technological advancements made by computer scientists.

Computer engineering specializations

Computer engineering specializations may overlap with computer science degrees. For example, you might find subjects like network security and computer graphics in common. However, specialized subjects generally unique to computer engineering include microprocessor/microcontroller systems, computer architecture and VHDL (hardware description language) design.

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Electrical/electronic engineering

Both electronics and electrical engineering focus on the application of electricity. Both fields are different in that electronics engineers concentrate on smaller circuits such as those found in computers, while electrical engineers focus on large-scale production and distribution of electrical power.

If you are interested in this type of engineering,

  • You are interested in the workings of electrical devices and systems.
  • You are interested in helping to power the next stage of technological advancements.
  • Naturally, you want to know how an electrical system works and what improvements could be made.

Specializations in Electrical Engineering

These areas include power generation and supply, communications, media and computer systems, and robotics. These are more information.

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Inżynieria mechaniczna

Mechanical engineering is one of the oldest and most diverse types of engineering. It deals with the design, manufacture, and maintenance of mechanical systems. The course will cover statics and dynamics as well as fluid dynamics and stress analysis.

Jeśli jesteś…

  • You enjoy playing with mechanical devices, but you could also be interested in aeronautical engineering.
  • You are interested in creating innovative designs in areas such as artificial intelligence and sustainable energy.
  • If you are interested in joining an inter-disciplinary team to improve and develop mechanical technologies,

Specializations in mechanical engineering

This broad topic overlaps with many other types of engineering. Manufacturing, transportation systems and combustion are the most popular specialties in mechanical engineering. You might also be interested in mechanics engineering. This combines electronic and mechanical engineering with areas like computer and control engineering. Read more.

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Zarządzanie inżynieryjne

Engineering management is another interdisciplinary field that has seen a rise in popularity. Universities have developed specialized engineering management programs to meet the industry demand. These courses combine business skills with industrial engineering skills, which are often combined by engineering and business faculties. Another option is to study engineering and management.

If you are interested in this type of engineering,

  • You are interested in learning how engineering works in different business types and the challenges that it presents in terms of both organizational and technical terms.
  • You are looking to quickly assume a managerial role while still utilizing your technical skills.
  • You will be responsible for the design, manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of products.

Management specializations in engineering

This is a broad area. However, there are many areas of engineering management you might be interested in. These include engineering mathematics, operations management and decision engineering.