Are you Looking for online Chinese degree? yes, you can at right place.  Equipped with new concepts and technologies, the Online Education College offers to a Chinese and foreign clientele online the most popular programs in BLCU, some of which lead to a bachelor’s degree.

The online Chinese degree is not really expensive. These programs aim to teach adult students high-level practical skills, basic theoretical knowledge, and solid professional competence. In addition, this college helps make Chinese language and culture more accessible and attractive to international students through its online courses and programs.

Department of Online Education for Chinese Students

As the core department of the Online Education College in BLCU, the Department of Online Education for Chinese Students is authorized by the Ministry of Education to set its own entrance requirements and entrance tests and grant officially recognized diplomas and academic degrees.

Thanks to its rich learning resources and its team of Chinese and foreign teachers in or outside BLCU, the department has taken a series of steps since 2001 to offer distance education in a variety of subjects, like TCSL, English, Finance, and Japanese. At the same time, it provides courses in various specialties for working adults on an online platform. In 2003, a credit system was adopted to encourage student-centered teaching and learning. Besides, the department emphasizes management efficiency and constantly improves its support services for students.

online Chinese degree

online Chinese degree

Department of Chinese Language

The Department of Chinese Language mainly assumes the task of teaching Chinese as a foreign language. Strengthened by its high-quality teaching resources and excellent BLCU faculties, this department offers Chinese language classes to foreign students and training courses for teachers of Chinese as a foreign language on its platform for international Chinese language education called “eBLCU” ( This platform aims to provide comprehensive digital teaching resources and specialized support services for teachers of Chinese as a foreign language and their students.

The Department of Chinese Language is in full charge of designing, developing, operating and maintaining the platform for international Chinese language education eBLCU. Moreover, a dedicated and highly qualified team was appointed to the development of the curriculum, technology, management, and market expansion of eBLCU.

The educational platform eBLCU has adopted new patterns, contents, concepts and methods in teaching Chinese as a foreign language. It allies the strongest points of online education and on-site education of teaching into a unique distance education platform. This highly interactive teaching model features online teaching videos, multimedia teaching materials, oral exercises, and Q-A tutoring sessions in synchronous or asynchronous manners to best suit the diversified needs of learners as much as possible.

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