There are many Universities offering Chinese Language Scholarships in China for an international student. Chinese Language Scholarships in China is the most famous scholarships for a foreigner to learn the Chinese languages on scholarshipsChinese Language Scholarships in China are open to apply. More and more students want to learn Chinese in China. For those who want to learn Chinese in China, there are many universities for you to choose from. Meanwhile, these universities provide many scholarships for you to learn Chinese.

Updated List of China Universities Offering Scholarships for Chinese Language Students

No.University NameScholarship Type
1Beijing Language and Culture UniversityCGS; CIS; CCSP; US; ES; CLGS
2University of International Business and EconomicsCGS; CIS; US; CLGS
3Beijing Institute of TechnologyCGS; CIS; US; CLGS
4University of Science and Technology BeijingCGS; US; CLGS
5Donghua UniversityCGS; US; CLGS
6Shanghai University of Finance and EconomicsCGS; US; CLGS
7Xiamen UniversityCGS; CLGS; US; CIS; CCSP
8Ningbo UniversityCGS; CIS; US; CLGS
9Chengdu UniversityCLGS
10Southwestern University of Finance and EconomicsCGS; CLGS; US
Note: CGS: Chinese Government Scholarship;
        CIS: Confucius Institute Scholarship;
        CCSP: Confucius China Studies Program;
        US: University Scholarships;
        ES: Enterprise Scholarship;
        CLGS: Chinese Local Government Scholarship

The universities in the above list are some of the China universities offering scholarships for Chinese language Students.