Ningxia University Scholarships are open for international students. Ningxia University is a comprehensive higher education institution built in partnership with the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region’s People’s Government and the Ministry of Education, one of the national 211 Project’s key colleges.

In order to quicken the pace of progress, serve double first-class construction, enlarge the number of international students and attract high quality students Ningxia University is establishing this scholarship.

Ⅰ Enrollment Categories

Ningxia University Scholarship for International Students is a full scholarship for students enrolled in one of the doctoral, graduate or undergraduate level degrees.

 Enrollment Quota

We plan to recruit 50 students for 2021

 Qualification of Applicant

  1. Basic Requirements
  • For those pursuing a bachelor degree in China, they must be a graduate of senior high school, and be no more than 25 years of age;
  • For those pursuing a master degree in China, they must have a completed bachelor degree, and be no more than 35 years of age;
  • For PhD candidates, they must have completed a master degree, and be no more than 40 years of age;
  1. Other Requirements
  • Applicants must have a foreign nationality including access to a foreign passport, be of a good will towards China, and be physically and mentally healthy.
  • Before commencement of studies, the applicant must provide: HSK Level Four Certificate or any other certificates related to Chinese studies. However, those enrolled in the Bachelor of Chinese language and literature is exempt from HSK results transcript. if the applicant does not meet the language requirements of the various scholarships, should he/she apply with the school, Ningxia University can provide a year of preparatory language education (includes scholarship).

 Information on Scholarship and Standards

Scholarships include tuition, accommodation and living expenses. The set amounts for scholarships are:

  • Undergraduate students: 2500 RMB per Month
  • Graduate students: 3000 RMB per Month
  • Doctoral students: 3500 RMB per Month

The school also provides comprehensive medical insurance for all international students.

 Duration of Scholarship

The duration of scholarship is the same as that of the degree programs (undergraduate-level students: 4-5 years, graduate-level students: 2-3 academic years, doctoral-level students: 3-4 academic years, according to one’s duration of study on the letter of admission).

Note: University can provide a year of preparatory language education including scholarship.

 Application Process

1.The applicant can log onto,   to investigate various degree levels and majors.

2.Applicant can log onto, and download《Ningxia University International Student Scholarship Application Form》. Once the form is filled in and signed, the applicant needs to send it to

3.All materials related to the application must be sent to: Recipient: LI JUAN. Address: P.R.CHINA, NINGXIA, YINCHUAN, XI XIA QU, HUAI YUAN XIAO QU NO.333, NINGXIA UNIVERSITY, SCHOOL OF INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION, ZIP CODE 750021.

4.The admission list will be announced by the school at the end of June;

5.Those who have been admitted by the school need to start the admission procedure by filling in the JW202 Form and the Letter of Admission.

6.Those who are admitted will then take the admission documents given by the school to the Chinese consulate or embassy in their home country to apply for a Chinese visa (Type X1).

Ⅶ Application Checklist

1.Ningxia University International Student Scholarship Application Form.

2.Photocopy of your highest attained academic certificate.

3.The original of your highest academic certificate, notarized by the Chinese embassy. If the applicant is a current student at the school, he/she needs to submit the certificate of enrolment or pre-graduation certificate of the school. After admission, he/she needs to also bring the original academic certificate or the notarized copy of it.

4.Photocopies of academic transcripts, as well as the original notarized copy of the Chinese Embassy and its photocopy.

5.Study or research plan once in China.

6.Letters of recommendation. Applicants for master and doctoral level degrees are required to submit two signed letters of recommendation from your professor or associate professor in English or Chinese;

7.Photocopy of your passport.

8.Applicants who are under 18 years of age are required to submit legal documents relating to legal guardians in China.

9.Articles published in public journals;

10.Award certificate(s);

11.HSK results transcript;

12.Photocopy of the Foreigner Physical Examination Record (Please keep the original to yourself. This form is given by the China Health and Quarantine Department, and can be downloaded from and the blood test report. Applicants should carefully examine oneself, in strict accordance with the require items on the “Foreigner Physical Examination Record.” Incomplete records or those without the signature of the attending physician, the official stamp of the hospital or a sealed photograph of the applicants will be considered invalid. In view of the fact that examination records are only valid for up to 6 months, the applicant should determine the time of physical examination during a time most convenient to oneself.

13.Certificate of background Criminal Check notarized by the Chinese embassy.

 Application Deadline

June 10th of 2021

 Contact Information

Ningxia University Website:http://

School of International Education’s Website:

Contact Person: Li Juan


Telephone: +86-951-2061983/2061330

Fax: +86-951-2061688

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