Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology (NUIST) stands as a beacon of academic excellence in China. Established in 1960, NUIST has consistently upheld its commitment to providing top-tier education in various fields, including information science, atmospheric sciences, and environmental sciences. With its state-of-the-art facilities and distinguished faculty members, NUIST has earned a stellar reputation both nationally and internationally.

What is MOFCOM Scholarship?

MOFCOM Scholarship, initiated by the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China, aims to foster talent from developing countries. This scholarship program supports outstanding students pursuing their education in China, offering financial assistance and opportunities for cultural exchange.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the MOFCOM Scholarship, candidates must meet specific requirements set forth by the Ministry of Commerce. These criteria typically include academic merit, proficiency in the Chinese language, and a commitment to promoting friendly relations between China and the recipient’s home country.

NUIST MOFCOM Scholarship 2024

Exciting news for aspiring scholars! Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology is proud to announce the availability of the NUIST MOFCOM Scholarship for the year 2024. This prestigious scholarship offers exceptional students the chance to pursue their academic dreams at one of China’s leading universities.

Application Process and Requirements

Applying for the NUIST MOFCOM Scholarship is a straightforward process. Prospective candidates are required to submit their applications online, along with relevant documents such as academic transcripts, recommendation letters, and a personal statement. It is essential to adhere to the application deadline and ensure that all requirements are met to increase the chances of success.

Benefits of NUIST MOFCOM Scholarship

The NUIST MOFCOM Scholarship provides a myriad of benefits to successful applicants, making it an attractive opportunity for students worldwide.

Financial Support

One of the primary benefits of the scholarship is financial assistance, covering tuition fees, accommodation, and living expenses. This alleviates the financial burden on students and allows them to focus on their studies without worrying about financial constraints.

Academic Opportunities

Scholars awarded the NUIST MOFCOM Scholarship gain access to a world-class education environment. They have the opportunity to learn from renowned professors, engage in cutting-edge research, and participate in academic conferences and seminars.

Cultural Exchange

The scholarship facilitates cultural exchange by providing scholars with exposure to Chinese language, culture, and traditions. Through interactions with local students and participation in cultural events, scholars develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of China’s rich heritage.

How to Apply for NUIST MOFCOM Scholarship

Are you ready to embark on your academic journey at NUIST? Follow these simple steps to apply for the NUIST MOFCOM Scholarship:

  1. Check Eligibility: Review the eligibility criteria carefully to ensure you meet all requirements.
  2. Gather Documents: Prepare all necessary documents.
  1. Highest Degree Certificate (Notarized copy)
  2. Transcripts of Highest Education (Notarized copy)
  3. Undergraduate Diploma
  4. Undergraduate Transcript
  5. if you are in china Then the most recent visa or residence permit in China (Upload Passport Home page again in this option on University Portal)
  6. Study Plan or Research Proposal
  7. Two Recommendation Letters
  8. Passport Copy
  9. Economic proof
  10. Physical Examination Form (Health Report)
  11. English Proficiency Certificate (IELTS is not Mandatory)
  12. No Criminal Certificate Record (Police Clearance Certificate Record)
  13. Acceptance Letter (Not Mandatory)
  1. Complete Online Application: Fill out the online application form accurately and submit it before the deadline.
  2. Await Notification: Await notification regarding the status of your application. Successful candidates will be contacted with further instructions.

Tips for a Successful Application

  • Start the application process early to avoid last-minute rush.
  • Write a compelling personal statement highlighting your academic achievements and career aspirations.
  • Obtain strong recommendation letters from reputable sources.
  • Double-check all documents for accuracy and completeness before submission.

Selection Criteria

The selection process for the NUIST MOFCOM Scholarship is rigorous and highly competitive. Several factors are taken into consideration when evaluating candidates, including:

  • Academic excellence
  • Proficiency in Chinese language
  • Leadership potential
  • Commitment to promoting international cooperation and understanding

Life at Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology

NUIST offers a vibrant campus life enriched with various facilities and activities to cater to students’ diverse interests and needs. From modern classrooms and laboratories to recreational facilities and student clubs, NUIST provides an enriching environment conducive to holistic development.

Campus Facilities and Resources

NUIST boasts state-of-the-art facilities, including libraries, research centers, and sports complexes, to support students’ academic and extracurricular pursuits. The campus is equipped with modern infrastructure and cutting-edge technology to enhance the learning experience.

Student Community and Extracurricular Activities

Joining the NUIST community opens doors to a myriad of extracurricular activities and cultural events. Whether you’re interested in sports, music, or community service, there’s something for everyone at NUIST. Engage with fellow students, explore new interests, and make lifelong memories during your time at NUIST.

Testimonials from Previous Scholars

Don’t just take our word for it! Hear what past scholars have to say about their experiences with the NUIST MOFCOM Scholarship:

  • “Receiving the NUIST MOFCOM Scholarship was a life-changing opportunity for me. Not only did it provide financial support for my studies, but it also allowed me to immerse myself in a new culture and broaden my horizons.”
  • “Studying at NUIST has been an incredible journey filled with academic challenges and personal growth. The supportive environment and world-class faculty have enabled me to excel in my chosen field and pursue my passion for research.”
  • “The NUIST MOFCOM Scholarship not only helped me pursue my academic goals but also provided me with invaluable experiences and friendships that will last a lifetime. I am grateful for the opportunity to study at such a prestigious institution and contribute to international cooperation and understanding.”

FAQs about NUIST MOFCOM Scholarship

1. What are the eligibility criteria for the NUIST MOFCOM Scholarship?

  • Applicants must meet specific requirements set by the Ministry of Commerce, including academic excellence, proficiency in Chinese language, and a commitment to promoting international cooperation.

2. How can I apply for the NUIST MOFCOM Scholarship?

  • To apply for the scholarship, candidates need to submit their applications online along with relevant documents such as academic transcripts, recommendation letters, and a personal statement.

3. When is the application deadline for the NUIST MOFCOM Scholarship?

  • The application deadline varies each year, so it’s essential to check the university’s official website or contact the admissions office for the most up-to-date information.

4. What benefits does the NUIST MOFCOM Scholarship offer?

  • The scholarship provides financial support covering tuition fees, accommodation, and living expenses, as well as academic opportunities and cultural exchange experiences.

5. Are there any tips for a successful application?

  • Yes, starting the application process early, writing a compelling personal statement, obtaining strong recommendation letters, and ensuring all documents are accurate and complete are key tips for a successful application.


The Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology MOFCOM Scholarship 2024 offers a remarkable opportunity for aspiring scholars to pursue their academic goals in a dynamic and supportive environment. With its prestigious reputation, extensive resources, and commitment to fostering international cooperation, NUIST provides an ideal platform for students to excel academically and culturally. Don’t miss out on this life-changing opportunity to become part of the NUIST community and make a meaningful impact on the world.

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Deadline: Scholarship application deadline is June 30, 2024.

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