Chinese Government Special Scholarship for International Students of Fudan University are open. fudan university scholarship is offering under CSC scholarships every year.

Eligibility of Fudan University Scholarship

  1. Applicants should be non-Chinese citizens and in good health.
  2. Applicants are pre-admitted by Fudan University, except for the following applicants:
  3. Applying for a joint degree program
  4. Applying for language and literature programs of one’s native language or the third language, such as English and French, etc.
  5. Applicants should not be ones graduated from Chinese university in 2021.
  6. Applicants for master’s programs should have obtained a bachelor’s degree and be under the age of 35; applicants for doctoral programs should have obtained a master’s degree and be under the age of 40.
  7. Applicants should not be holding any other scholarship provided by Chinese government.

Fudan University Scholarship Coverage

Exemption from tuition fee; providing free on-campus accommodation, Comprehensive Medical Insurance and living stipend (Master student: 3000RMB/month, Doctoral student: 3500RMB/month).

How to Apply for Fudan University Scholarship

  1. Visit to complete the application online and print the application form. (Program Category: Type B, Agency No.10246 for Fudan University)
  2. Visit the website ( from December 21, 2021 to February 28, 2021 to complete the application for study program. Please choose“Self-support” as the “fund source”. When fill in the application form, choose the option of “Chinese Government Scholarship”, and complete the application online.
  3. Applicants must send all the required paper application documents to school or department by courier or in person by February 28, 2021, otherwise, it will be considered as a waiver of application.

Mailing address: see “Contact Information of School & Department” (please mark

Application for Scholarship 2021” on the envelope).

Fudan University Scholarship Application Documents Required

  1. Two application forms for Chinese Government Scholarship with the applicant’s photo.
  2. Personal statement for scholarship application (written in Chinese or English).

The content should include (but not limited to) the reasons for application, achievements on academics or other aspects, etc.

  1. Diploma of highest degree conferred (master or bachelor) or proof of impending graduation (for applicants in their final year of study).The Diploma should be original or notarized copy, and with notarized Chinese or English translation if the original one is not in Chinese or English (two copies).

All application documents will not be returned.

Result Check

The applicant may check the result on or visit the column “Notice” on ISO website. (


  1. New scholarship students are required to register at Fudan University on the date specified on admission notice. Students who arrive late without approval in advance will have their Scholarship automatically canceled. Students who have kept the admission but postponed their registration to the following academic year will have their scholarship canceled.
  2. New scholarship students must participate in the annual evaluation. Students who fail to meet the requirements will have their scholarship canceled.
  3. New scholarship students are not be allowed to change the major or study period.
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