For Registration of Admission
1. X1 Visa Application: Applicants should apply “X1” visa from local Chinese Embassy with the necessary documents after receiving JW202 form and admission notice. “L” visa for visitor “X2” visa for the short-term study is not acceptable.
2. Entry: International students should register at Bohai University within 48 hours after arrival in China. The international students are forbidden to stay in other city, before they arrive at Bohai University. For private reason, the international students need take responsibility for their delay of registration and resident permit.
3. Time for Registration: The freshmen should register within one week before school start and inform the university his arriving time after he finishes the visa application. The freshmen need arrive beyond the vacation, winter vacation is during January 15 to February 25, and summer vacation is during July 15 to August 25.
4. Picking-up for freshmen: The University can arrange the picking-up at Jinzhou Airport or Jinzhou Railway station. If any freshmen need picking-up, they should inform the university necessary information of flight number or the train number, arriving time 3 days before arrival.
Note: The University can only arrange the pick-up from 8 am. to 5 pm. in the working day. Any other time, the freshmen can come by themselves.
5. Procedure of registration
1)After arrival, the freshmen should firstly come with passport, admission notice, JW202, 5 photos to Admissions Office to deal with registration, including checking certificates, paying fees and getting admission materials. (Address: Administration Building, Room 103)
2)The freshmen should then come to College of International Exchange with tuition receipt, passport, Jw202, admission Notice, and give contact number to the teacher and get the information of physical examination, registration in local police station and resident permit, during this period (one month after arrival), keep mobile phone available.(Humanity Building, Room 308)
3)The freshmen can come to the international apartment to check in and get the room key by paying the lodging fee and deposit money.
Fee structure:
The international students should pay as follow:
1. tuition:  10000RMB/year for Language student ;
13000RMB/year for Bachelor student;
16000RMB/year for postgraduate student
The tuition can only be paid yearly. The international students should claim the receipt after paying, without receipt, can only be regarded as no payment. In payment, only Chinese Yuan(RMB) is acceptable, Dollars are NOT acceptable. Without payment of tuition, the resident permit can’t be granted. The international students should keep the receipt careful in case of checking. Tuition is not refundable. (paying at Finance and Accounting Division, Administration Building Room 102)
2. lodging fee: 10000RMB/yr (international building)  for single room
9000RMB/yr(postgraduate building  for single room
7000RMByr (international building)  for double room
6000RMB/yr(postgraduate building  for double room
(paying at Finance and Accounting Division, Administration Building 102)
3. deposit for room: 1000RMB (paying at Floor 1 ,International Center)
4. Beddings: 380RMB (optional, Paying at Floor 1, International Center)
5. Fees for textbooks: 1000RMB,counted as actual use, balance will be paid to either side.(paying at Finance and Accounting Division, Administration Building Room 102)
6. Visa fee: 800RMB/yr (paying at Jinzhou Police Station)
7. Fees for Resident permit’s Photo: 40RMB (paying at Jinzhou Police Station)
8. Physical examination: 400RMB/yr (paying at Jinzhou Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau)
9. Insurance: 600RMB/yr  (paying at Finance and Accounting Division, Administration Building 102)
Guidelines of Resident Permit
1. According to the regulations of Jinzhou Police station, the international students should entry with X1 visa, register at Bohai within 48 hours after entry and register at local police station, and finish resident permit at Jinzhou Police station within 30 days after entry.
2. When the international student need extend his resident permit, it is not necessary for him to come to police station himself; he should contact the related teacher for visa and present necessary documents (tuition receipt, passport, photos from police station, physical examination form, and visa fee), if his JW202 expires, he should renew his JW202 at Admission Office 2 month before resident permit extending.
3. The international students should pay much attention to validation of his passport, if valid time is not enough for 6 month or has no visa page, he should renew it in time.
4. The international student can get one year resident permit or half-year resident permit. The resident permit can be processed in 3 weeks and the passport can delivery from College of International Exchange to student himself only.
5. The photos from Police Station should be kept carefully for next time.
6. After register at local police station, the international student should come to Jinzhou Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau for his physical examination as the reference of College of International Exchange and get the report. The Bureau lies to the east to Bohai, 300 meters from the east gate on the left. The working time for international students is from 9 to 11 each morning during Monday to Friday and the Report can be ready at 3:30 next afternoon.
Program guidelines:
1. Timetables for language students are delivered from College of International Exchange, and timetables for degree students are delivered from the colleges the students studying in.
2. Degree students can register in each March and September, each semester the freshmen can start their program within one month after the semester start. Anyone who comes after April 1 or October 1 should come to College of International Exchange to study Chinese first and start their program from next semester.
3. Language student can obtain school certificate after one year study and qualified from final examination. Duration of bachelor students is 4 years and duration of postgraduate students is 3 years. The degree students can obtain graduation certificate and degree certificate by taking enough credits from their major, and qualified the thesis and thesis defense.
4. Study certificate is delivered from College of International Exchange.
5. The international students should apply to College of International Exchange when they have to change universities or change programs.
6. Degree students can get the information on program plan, exams and results from the colleges they are studying at.
When checking in, the international students should pay deposit fee and offer the lodging receipt. International students can get room key after paying the deposit; the deposit fee can be refunded with receipt when checking out. The bedding is optional to buy from Logistic Department or from any stores. Logistic Department manages room arrangement, room changing, equipments repairing. If international students move to stay outside of campus, he should register in local police station in 24 hour and inform College of International Exchange.
Other issues
1. When starting to study in Bohai University, if the international students who take courses taught in Chinese cannot provide the score of Chinese, they have to take the New HSK (Level III) exam in April or October. Those who pass the exam can start the courses for the major. Those who fail have to transfer to Chinese study until they pass the exam, which the student need to pay tuition.
2. Student ID card: International students can get student ID card from College of International Exchange with one-inch photo and 7RMB at each end of a month.
3. Campus card: International students can get Campus card from Canteen No. 2 with 30RMB and student ID card.
4. Internet: International student can get internet service from China Unicom or China Mobile with passport.
5. Passport of international student should be kept carefully by the student himself,no one else can detain. If detained, international student should report to College of International Exchange.
6. After admission, international students can be added to QQ group (305054835) to contact and get more information and documents.
Contact us:
1. Admission Office: +86-416-3400217
2. College of International Exchange: +86-416-3404651
3. Logistic Department: +86-416-3404578

1. Necessary documents:
(1)scanned document of photo page of passport(.jpg)
(2)scanned document of one blank page of passport(.jpg)
(3)scanned document of diploma or degree certificate(.jpg)
(4)scanned document of transcript(.jpg)
(5)scanned document of sponsorship letter(.jpg)

Note:(1)transferred students need scan the Residence Permit of the passport instead of blank page of passport.
(2)transcript need be cooperated with diploma or degree.
(3)an pplication need be sent back in form of .doc, printed or scanned ones are NOT acceptable.


English speaking
Russian speaking
Korean speaking
Japanese speaking

3.Applicants’ documents having been examined , college will send an email to confirm. After confirming, applicants can send application fee