There are four ways international students can acquire scholarships to study at BUCM. The scholarships available are the Chinese Government Scholarship, the Chinese Ministry of Education Scholarships for Outstanding Self-Funded Students, Beijing Foreign Students Scholarship, and the BUCM International Students Scholarship. For detailed information, please contact the International School Admission Office, Tel: +86-10-64286303.

Beijing University of Chinese Medicine Chinese Government Scholarship

The Chinese Government Scholarship is awarded by the Department of China’s Ministry of Education, in accordance with the agreement between the Chinese government and governments of the relevant countries and other international organizations. It provides full scholarships to undergraduates, master’s students, PhD students, Chinese language students, general and senior advanced students.

The application period for the Chinese Government Scholarship is January to the beginning of April annually. Applicants may refer to the official websites for current information. Alternatively, applicants may contact their Chinese embassies or the BUCM International School.

The Chinese Ministry of Education Scholarships for Outstanding Self-Funded Students

The scholarship is provided by the Chinese Ministry of Education to undergraduate colleges, advanced occupational institutions and full-time masters in order to motivate students to achieve full development in moral, intelligence, physics, and aesthetics.

Academic achievement is the main method of assessment, supplemented by assessment of classroom performance.

Scholarship amount: 18000RMB

The Beijing Foreign Students Scholarship

The Beijing Foreign Students Scholarship is established by the Beijing municipal government for outstanding international students and scholars to support their study, advanced study and research in Beijing. It’s aimed at encouraging students to work hard, obey the rules and laws, becoming qualified professionals. It also promotes the passion of the students to Beijing and China.

Academic achievement is the main method of assessment, supplemented by assessment of classroom performance. Scholarship amount:

1st prize: 15000 RMB

2nd prize: 12020 RMB

3rd prize: 8000 RMB

The BUCM International Students Scholarship

The BUCM international student’s scholarship is provided by the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. The purpose is to encourage the students to work hard and study assiduously.

The Most Comprehensive Chinese Medicine Education System

●  Beijing University of Chinese Medicine (BUCM) offers multiple levels of education programs, including short-term training, undergraduate degree programs, and postgraduate programs.

● Short term courses cover Chinese medicine, Chinese Materia Medica, Acupuncture, Nursing, Health Promotion, and Traditional Culture in various other fields.

● The undergraduate degree programs cover Chinese Medicine, Chinese Materia Medica, Acupuncture, Integrated Chinese, Western medicine etc.

● Postgraduate programs, at the master and doctorate level cover Chinese Medicine Theory and Chinese Clinical Medicine in a variety of specialties.

● Degree programs are offered in Chinese and English. Short term training course are also instructed in Spanish, Korean, and Russian.

Highly Qualified English and Chinese Teaching Staff

● BUCM is the only university of TCM selected by the Ministry of Education as the demonstration centre for international education. The faculty consists of 4422 members, 972 of whom are full professors or associate professors including 314 doctorate degree supervisors and 2 national Chinese Medicine masters. Currently there are 89 professors supported by the national outstanding scholarship.

The Finest Hospitals for Clinical Practice

● BUCM has four hospitals, including Dongzhimen Hospital, Dongfang Hospital, The Third Affiliated Hospital, and Zaozhuang Hospital, which combined provide a total of 3000 hospital beds and up to 15000 daily outpatients. BUCM is also affiliated with 37 clinical teaching hospitals. BUCM has China’s most influential TCM clinic – Guoyitang, where over 200 Chinese medicine masters and experts are stationed long-term. In Germany, BUCM is also operating the Kotzting TCM Clinic – The first TCM hospital in Europe.

Comprehensive Clinical Training and Internship Arrangements

● A clinical practice of up to 1044hours is arranged for undergraduate students, with a variety of experiences woven throughout the learning period. The students can shadow both Chinese medicine masters and Integrated Chinese and Western medicine experts.

 A variety of High-Value Scholarships

●  BUCM offers a variety of scholarships such as Chinese Government Scholarship, the Beijing Foreign Students Scholarship, and the BUCM international student’s scholarship. Nearly 50% of freshmen and up to 30% of all enrolled students receive a scholarship.

Extensive Career Paths and Opportunities

●  BUCM is located in the capital city of Beijing, China’s economic, cultural, educational, scientific and technological, international communicational center, providing graduates with more opportunities and a unique space for development.

●  International students graduating from our school can take the National Physician Qualification Exam in China. The passing rate is approximately equal to that of Chinese students.

●  International undergraduates who pass the professional examination of Chinese Medicine can choose a career in clinical medicine or research related professions in Beijing.

●  Graduates students in our school can also choose to pursue master or doctoral degree at BUCM, and enjoy more success.

●  Beijing University of Chinese Medicine trains high standard professionals. Graduated students are recognized and welcomed by governments and medical institutions all around the world. They have become the backbone of the world’s development of traditional medicine.

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