Beijing International Studies University to enhance the mutual understanding and friendship among people all over the world, the Ministry of Education of P.R. China has established a series of scholarship programs to financially support foreign students and scholars in the universities and colleges. This also contributes to the exchange and cooperation between China and other countries in the fields of education, technology, culture and trade.

The Ministry entrusts China Scholarship Council to manage the recruitment and carry out the routine operation of Chinese Government Scholarship Programs. As an accepting institution of the Scholarship Programs, Beijing International Studies University provides nearly one hundred international students with, including National Award and Higher Education Project.

Categories of Applicants and Duration of Scholarship

  • Full scholarship includes:
  1. Exempt from registration fee, tuition fee, fee for laboratory, fee for internship, fee for basic learning materials, and accommodation fee for dormitory on campus;
  2. Fee for outpatient medical service, Comprehensive Medical Insurance and Protection Program for International Students in China;
  3. Living allowance and one-off settlement subsidy after registration:

Living Allowance Rates

Undergraduates CNY 2500

Master Degree  CNY 3000 Yuan

PhD Degree CNY 3500 Yuan

Note:Not provided for international students who have studied and worked in China

  • Partial scholarship contains one or several items of full scholarship. Information on Chinese Government Scholarship Programs

 National Award

How to Apply:

Students can apply to the Chinese diplomatic mission or the corresponding authorities in their home country

Time to Apply:Between February and April every year

Eligible Applicant:Please consult the application department(For detailed requirements please refer to specific notices)

Type and Deadline:Please consult the application department

Values of Scholarship:Full or partial scholarship

Application Materials:Please consult the application department(For detailed

requirements please refer to specific notices)

Annual Review of Scholarship: Required

  • Higher Education Project

How to Apply:International Student Affairs Office, Room 102, Teaching Building No.2, Beijing International Studies University

Time to Apply:Spring semester(From March to April)

Eligible Applicant:Students who are not studying in China but being admitted by BISU to engage in postgraduate studies(For detailed requirements please refer to specific notices)

Type and Deadline: For new postgraduates, scholarship duration in accordance with the study period determined by the university

Values of Scholarship:Full scholarship

Application Materials:Submission of Application form for Chinese Government Scholarship and other recommendation documents(For detailed requirements please refer to specific notices)

Annual Review of Scholarship:Required

Note:No extension in principle

Annual Review

Under Chinese Government Scholarship Program, foreign students who are qualified in the annual review will continue to enjoy the scholarship for the following academic year. The measure makes a comprehensive review on the scholarship students’ performance, including academic record, learning attitude, class attendance, behavior, rewards and punishment.

  • Time to ReviewThe annual review begins in mid-April
  • Annual Review Materials:Students shall fill out correctly Form for Annual Review

of Chinese Government Scholarship, and submit it with Annual Evaluation Form for Departments and academic transcript together to International Student Affairs Office of BISU

  • Criteria for the Annual Review:

The Scholarship status shall be terminated for one year in any of the following cases. The students whose scholarship status has been suspended may apply for continuing their studies as self-financed at the university. Before the end of the suspension period, they can apply to go through Annual Review of that year. If they pass the Annual Review, their scholarship status shall be resumed with the approval of China Scholarship Council and they can renew their scholarship from the following academic year.

  1. Those who fail to achieve the credit requirements regulated by the university;
  2. Those who fail to pass one-third of courses or more;
  3. Those whose course selections are NOT in accordance with Postgraduate Training Programs or whose achievements are NOT qualified;
  4. Those who have been kept in school but placed under surveillance;

The Chinese Government Scholarship status shall be terminated in any of the following cases:

  1. Those who are compelled to flunk out or expelled from the university;
  2. Those who get “FAIL” twice in the Annual Review during the study period;
  3. Those who are absent from the Annual Review of scholarship without any valid reasons;

For    more     details,     please     check    Chinese     Government     Scholarship    website:

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