Jiangxi Normal University CSC Scholarship Program国际学生奖学金. The scholarship application process is the same as the admissions application process. The 江西师范大学 有一个奖学金计划来鼓励学生 在中国学习. The scholarships are available for students from various countries who have been accepted by the university, and the application process is the same for all applicants.

e Jiangxi Normal University CSC Scholarship Program is a scholarship for international students. They offer a monthly stipend in addition to a yearly tuition waiver. Candidates need to meet eligibility requirements and will be evaluated on their English proficiency, academic performance, and extracurricular activities, among other things.

The Jiangxi Normal University (JXNU) CSC Scholarship is offered by JXNU every year to help outstanding students with outstanding academic performance, strong leadership qualities, and excellent moral character.

中国国家留学基金委每年从不同国家挑选奖学金获得者,包括学费、住宿费和每月津贴。 它还为他们提供在中国学习一个学期的现场英语教师。

Jiangxi Normal University is one of the best universities in China and offers many specializations, including education, social sciences, law, management, and more.


Jiangxi Normal University is ranked #1322 in the Best Global Universities. Schools are ranked according to their performance across a set of widely accepted indicators of excellence.

Jiangxi Normal University CSC Scholarship 2024

权威: Chinese Government Scholarship 2024 Through China Scholarship Council (CSC)
大学名称: 江西师范大学
学生类别: 本科生、硕士生、博士生学位学生
每月津贴江西师范大学奖学金: 本科生2500元,硕士生3000元,博士生3500元。 学位学生

  • 学费将由CSC奖学金支付
  • 生活津贴将在您的银行账户中提供
  • Accommodation (two beds for undergraduates and one for graduate students)
  • 综合医疗保险(800RMB)

江西师范大学奖学金申请办法: 只需在线申请(无需发送硬拷贝)


When you are applying for a scholarship, you just need to get an acceptance letter to maximize your scholarship approval, so for that, you need faculty links from your department. Go to the university’s website, then click on the department, and then click on the faculty link. You must contact only relevant professors, which means they are closest to your research interests. Once you find a relevant professor, There are two main things you need

  1. 如何为录取通知书撰写电子邮件 单击此处(根据 CSC 奖学金发送给教授的 7 封电子邮件样本). Once Professor agrees to get you under his supervision, you need to follow the second step.
  2. 您需要一封录取通知书才能由您的主管签名,请单击此处获取 录取通知书样本


eligibility criteria of 江西师范大学 for the CSC Scholarship 2024 are mentioned below. 

  1. 所有国际学生均可申请江西师范大学CSC奖学金
  2. Age limits for Undergraduate Degree is 30 year, for Masters degree, 35 year, and For ph.d. degrees, 40 Years
  3. applicant must be in good health
  4. 无犯罪记录
  5. You can apply for English Proficiency Certificate

所需文件 江西师范大学 2024

During the CSC Scholarship online application, you need to upload documents; without uploading, your application is incomplete. Below is the list you need to upload during the Chinese Government Scholarship Application for Jiangxi Normal University.

  1. CSC 在线申请表(Jiangxi Normal University Agency Number; 点击这里获取
  2. 网上申请表 江西师范大学
  3. 最高学位证书(公证副本)
  4. 高等教育成绩单(公证副本)
  5. 本科文凭
  6. 本科成绩单
  7. 如果您在中国 那么最近的中国签证或居留许可(在大学门户的此选项中再次上传护照主页)
  8. á 学习计划研究计划
  9. 推荐信
  10. 护照复印件
  11. 经济证明
  12. 体检表 (健康报告)
  13. 英语能力证书 (雅思不是强制性的)
  14. 无犯罪证明记录 (警察通关证明记录)
  15. 录取通知书 (不是强制性的)

如何申请 江西师范大学CSC奖学金 2024

There are a few steps you need to follow for the CSC scholarship application.

  1. (Sometimes optional and sometimes must be needed.) Try to get Supervisor and Acceptance letter from him in your hand
  2. You should fill out the CSC奖学金在线申请表。
  3. Second, You Should fill out the 江西师范大学CSC奖学金在线申请 2024
  4. 在 CSC 网站上传中国奖学金所需的所有文件
  5. 中国政府奖学金在线申请期间不收取申请费
  6. Print both application forms along with your documents and send them by email or courier service to the university address.


奖学金在线门户 opens from November, which means you can start applying from November. The application deadline is April 30 each year.


After receiving the application materials and payment document, the University Admission Committee for the program will assess all the application documents and provide the China Scholarship Council with the nominations for approval. Applicants will be informed of the final admission decision made by CSC.

Jiangxi Normal University CSC Scholarship Result 2024

The result of the Jiangxi Normal University CSC Scholarship will be announced at the end of July. Please visit the CSC奖学金结果 部分在这里。 你可以找到 CSC奖学金和大学在线申请状态及其含义在这里.

If you have any questions, you can ask them in the comment below.