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学术背景: I have completed my undergraduate studies in Electrical engineering from “ABCDUniversity of Engineering and Technology”, Pakistan, in March 2022, with a CGPA of 3.86 out of 4.00. I was an active somehow indulgent student among others during my undergraduate studies, very often involved in many curricular and co-curricular activities. In fact, I was up to the mark and honored in the top 1’slist of 120 students in my undergraduate class. If observed by the meritorious efforts I remain very competent and I have passed all entrance tests conducted by the academic institution of my education with high achievements and secured overall 4th place in the whole district. I did my final year thesis project on “Design, development, and fabrication of under/over voltage relay using static devices” with the group of five members in which I was made the Group Leader. The fabricated relay can be used for the automatic protection of household appliances and power system against voltage related problems. In this project, I learned and researched automated control and protection using Circuit Breakers and Relays along with other high-speed automatic control and protecting equipment’s involved in automation of the modern systems. While working on this project I found strong motivation in myself towards graduate study and research in the area of power system automation. At present, I am working as a Maintenance Engineer in Dawlance Group of Companies(the leading household appliances company in Pakistan); my job’s major responsibilities include; Maintenance and Automation of industry’s power system and machines along with the planning and the proper allocation of available resources to achieve the smooth and efficient operation of the plant by conducting routine and reactive preventive maintenance activities. Here, inDawlance, I have learned, researched and practically implemented the applications of electrical automation engineering in manufacturing process along with the extensive knowledge of Electrical automation devices like digital relays, vacuum and oil circuit breakers, Programmable logic controllers, Programmable automation controllers, Human Machine Interface and instrumentation devices. Furthermore, I Led the project “Energy saving by the optimization of electric motor usage” with annual savings of 1.2 Million PKR by conducting efficiency analysis, Right-sizing of installed motors, formulating the saving calculations and obtaining USAID OFFER by negotiations with vendors and USAID audit authorities. Also because of ardent interest and motivation towards power system automation, I have selected for 16 weeks internship in National Transmission & DispatchCompany; the sole electric power transmission company of Pakistan. Where I gained quality level knowledge and working experience of Grid SystemOperations (GSO), Protection and Instrumentation (P & I), SCADA, Metering and Testing (M & T). Along with these technical aspects I also earned practical knowledge about transmission system planning including Power Flow Studies, Reactive power compensation studies, Reliability, and Stability Analysis with respect to the interconnection of distributed generation with the transmission system. My work at NTDC was highly praised and I was awarded the certificate of appreciation by the senior management.
我的人格: 事实上,我是一个社交活跃的人,性格友善,是一个很好的沟通者,有很多朋友。 我对生活的现实保持敏锐的洞察力,因此以积极的心态和态度接近人们,并始终证明对诚实的努力和真正的奉献很有帮助。 除此之外,我总是感到非常高兴和幸运,能够见到和迎接来自不同背景和文化的人们。 因为这样的会议总是很重要,因为它们被证明在未来是有益的,而且无论一个人在他自己的国家还是在国外工作或学习,都可以轻松应对。
中国留学计划:我想申请硕士学位电力系统及其自动化在中国,由于我目前的工业工作经验、过去的实习和最后一年的项目,我了解了自动化工程的大量实际应用,这引起了我的注意,并激发了我学习所选课程的求知欲。 我的座右铭是在与电气工程相关的国际领域工作。 因此,我希望在启动和管理大多数创新项目方面获得更深入的理论和实践知识。 在我学习的过程中,我会努力想出最好的自己; 与教授和大学同事一起研究和探索电力系统自动化领域令人兴奋的巨大工业奥秘。 完成硕士学业后,我希望能够最大限度地参与我国在这些领域的研究技术,以造福本国经济,提高同胞的生活水平。 我相信这个硕士课程将使我有机会了解电气系统和我专门从事这些行业的附属机构,它们是电气和自动化工程艺术的活生生的例子。 我希望我能在处理情况、人、系统和需求方面获得更多经验,这对我未来的职业生涯有很大帮助。
来中国留学的理由:现在问题来了,“为什么选择中国?” 看书、看新闻、分析和观察中国人,我真的很佩服这些人证明自己对工作的敬业精神,他们用真正的努力将中国树立为其他第三世界的成功榜样或发达国家。 中国经济的快速发展、科技的进步以及享有盛誉的全球排名教育机构,都让学生和专业人士渴望更好的职业前景。 因此,这种积极性进一步增强了我的信心,我对自己做出的决定非常满意。 此外,中国多元的文化规范和价值观、中国人民出名的热情好客以及巴中自古以来为促进双边贸易、接受与和平而建立的全天候友好关系,让我觉得中国是我的第二故乡; 我的家人也完全支持我选择中国作为我读研究生的首选。 所有这些原因使中国成为我攻读硕士学位的理想之地。 最后,我寄予厚望,相信此申请会得到您的青睐,我很乐意提供您可能需要的任何其他信息。 我期待收到您的回复。