The Yunnan University of Finance and Economics YUFE Hongyun Honghe International Student Scholarship are open apply now. In order to support the development of international education in Yunnan University of Finance and Economics, to foster a great number of high-quality talents who can promote Sino-foreign friendship and international collaboration, Hongyun Honghe Group settled the “Honghe Scholarship” with the specific “Hongyun Honghe International Student Scholarship (HHISS)” under it.

Benefits: The total amount of HHISS is 100,000 RMB per year. It is settled to award YUFE’s international students who perform well, are well developed mentally and physically, and whose behaviors are well recognized by other teachers and students. Scholarships under HHISS such as “Haoxue Jiang”, “Youyi Jiang”, “Xingguang Jiang”, “Fengcai Jiang”, “Shouji Jiang” can be awarded to 4 students respectively, with a total number of 20 international students (18 bachelors and 2 masters). Each student can get 5000 RMB, with a total amount of 100,000 RMB.

Eligibility: Full-time and registered international student studying in YUFE (Excluding International students who are already awarded the CSC Scholarship or Yunnan Provincial Government Scholarship; exchange program students; students who still have other fees need to be pay).

Acceptance department: School of International Languages and Cultures, YUFE.

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YUFE Hongyun Honghe International Student Scholarship HHISS 2018
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