Police character certificate (also called police clearance) is an official document stating that the applicant has no criminal record. This Certificate is necessary in many countries to proof decent behaviors and good moral principles when applying for citizenship, traveling overseas, job-seeking visa, or emigration.

Police character certificate is required if you are applying for a VISA for any country. How to get your police character Certificate? You can see the complete procedure here. If you are looking for character certificate types, you must understand that there is a difference between police character certificates and other character certificates.

Who needs Police Character Certificate?

Many countries require applicants to show police character certificates when applying for citizenship, traveling overseas, job-seeking visa, or emigration. When an organization is looking for employees, it also requires this Certificate to prove that the applicant has no criminal record and no destructive behaviors.

What information is included in Police Character Certificate?

The structure of a police character certificate is as follows: name of the organization giving Certificate; date of application; names and addresses of cross-reference persons (these persons do not have any criminal records); marital status; next of kin; description with the picture attached which shows date and place of birth, height, weight, the color of eyes/hair/skin, etc.; address where the applicant has lived for the past five years; any convictions of the applicant along with date, place, and offenses committed.

Procedure to Obtain Police Character Certificate

  1. Consult your local DPO Security office branch for “Police Character Certificate.”
    Visit this branch in your city and ask them to produce police character certificate so they’ll provide you an application form.
  2. Fill that application form, attach the required documents with that form listed in shape and go back to the Security Office branch. They’ll now mark this form to your local police station for review.
  3. Now you have to take this form to your local police station, where SHO and area DSP will give you clearance after checking your documents
  4. Finally, you have to submit your form back to Security Branch Office
  5. Receive your Certificate in next three business days.

Keep your original NIC, Passport, and Property allotment letter or lease agreement with passport size pictures that visit the security branch.

Do I need Police Character Certificate?

If you ever live in any country, check whether their government requires police character certificate or not to prove good moral principles. If you don’t want any problems when traveling overseas or applying for a job-seeking visa, it is always better to get this Certificate.

What happens if no record is found?

One may come across this situation when proving their moral principles for traveling overseas or emigration. It may happen when the applicant has not lived in one place for many years or was born in a country where no records are available, or he/she was living abroad in the past. One way out of this situation is to have two persons who are also free from criminal records and know the applicant to refer them to a clean citizen.

How long does Police Character Certificate remain valid?

Police character certificate remains valid only after it is used once. You need another police character certificate if you want to prove your moral principles again after some time.