The Suzhou University CSC Scholarships Result 2022 Announced. Find your name in the list.

Various colleges (departments):

After the application, the colleges (departments) and relevant departments will review the list of recommended candidates for the Chinese government scholarships in 2022 (the second batch) (see the attachment for the list).

The publicity date is one week from the date of publication. If you have any objections, please contact the International Student Management Section of the International Cooperation and Exchange Office.

Contact: Zhu Sujing

Phone: 67165552

E-mail: [email protected]

It is hereby announced.

List of Selected Students Suzhou University CSC Scholarships Result

1材化部ULLAH, SAMIPakistan博士研究生分析化学英语070302
2功能纳米与软物质研究院ULLAH, IHSANPakistan博士研究生材料科学与工程英语080500
3功能纳米与软物质研究院SADI, MOHAMMAD SHAKBangladesh博士研究生材料科学与工程英语080500
4功能纳米与软物质研究院AHMAD, SAJJADPakistan博士研究生化学英语070300
5功能纳米与软物质研究院MAHMOOD, ISRARPakistan硕士研究生材料科学与工程英语080500
6能源学院MAQSOOD, MUDASSARPakistan博士研究生新能源科学与工程双语0702J4
7能源学院IQBAL, YASIRPakistan博士研究生新能源科学与工程双语0702J4
8能源学院KHAN, FAHIR NIAZPakistan博士研究生新能源科学与工程双语0702J4
9能源学院MEMON, GHULAM ALIPakistan博士研究生新能源科学与工程双语0702J4
10能源学院JADOON ANIQAPakistan博士研究生新能源科学与工程双语0702J4
11纺织与服装工程学院AHMAD, MD RAJUBangladesh博士研究生纺织工程英语082101
12纺织与服装工程学院RAHMAN MAHBUBURBangladesh博士研究生纺织工程英语082104
13材化部YASIR, MUHAMMADPakistan博士研究生分析化学英语070302候补
14能源学院OBAID ALI QAMARPakistan硕士研究生新能源科学与工程双语0702J4候补
15纺织与服装工程学院HOSSAIN, MD YOUSUFPakistan博士研究生纺织工程英语082101候补

Congratulations to all students.