The Jilin Provincial Government Scholarship is established by Jilin Provincial Government to provide scholarships for international students and scholars to study for Master’s degree and complete the postgraduate education in school, aiming at reinforcing international communication and recruiting autonomously international students to enjoy Jilin governmental scholarship.

Jilin Provincial Government Scholarship Brief Introduction to the Program

1. Recruitment Category: Full-time school Masters, not including foreign students who learn their own language, English and French, or any other third countries language literature major.
2. Duration of Scholarship: No more than 2 years.

Application for Jilin Provincial Government Scholarship

1. Application Channel and Application Period: The applicants shall directly submit the application forms together with relevant application documents to the International Students Office to Jilin Agricultural University. The application deadline is May 1st, 2022.
2. Qualifications of Applicants:
(1). Applicants shall be non-Chinese citizens in good health;
(2). Obey the laws of the Chinese government regulations, the rules and regulations of the school;
(3). Applicants should have a bachelor’s degree approved by China’s Ministry of Education, under the age of 35;
(4). Applicants do not won any other kind of Chinese government scholarship at the same time.
3. Application Documents:
(1). Application Form for Jilin Provincial Government Scholarship; (Annex 1)
(2). Visa Application for Study in China(JW202);
(3). Notarized certificate of highest education, certificate of graduation or notarized copies of degree certificate, including its English translation;
(4). One copy of passport and digital photograph(white background)
(5). Foreigner Physical Examination Form and Blood test report(The original copy from Chinese Embassy ).

Contents Of Jilin Provincial Government Scholarship

1. Jilin Provincial Government Scholarship is full scholarship –Exempt from tuition fee, the fee for basic learning materials; free accommodation on campus(2 shares one room in principle); basic living allowance; comprehensive medical insurance for international students in China.
2. Scholarship students are not permitted, in principle, to change their subjects, institutions or the duration of study specified in the Admission Notice and the Visa Application Form for Study in China (JW202).
3. In accordance with the Measures for the Annual Review of Jilin Provincial Government Scholarship, scholarship students who study in China for more than one year must participate in the annual review of Jilin Government Scholarship Status. The hosting institutions will make a comprehensive review on the scholarship students’performance, including academic record, learning attitude, class attendance, behavior, rewards, and punishment.

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Jilin Provincial Government Scholarship CONTACT

The office for International Cooperation and Exchange of Jilin Agricultural University
Address: No. 2888, Xincheng Street, Changchun
Postcode: 130018.
Tel: +86-0431-84532992; +86-0431-84533272
Mobile: +86-13844046369
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