The Jiangsu University CSC Results 2022 First List is annouced. After several rounds of evaluation, 7 candidates have been selected for the first group of CSC Scholarship. The other 8 applicants have been chosen as substitutes (waiting-list) in case that any of the “confirmed” candidates cannot be awarded by CSC or in case of extra seats. Please check the name list below.

Jiangsu University CSC Results First List

Jiangsu University CSC Results First List

Students who applied for CSC but did not receive any response should wait for further notice, because the second group of CSC seats will be offered soon. For the next group CSC candidates, students who applied for majors related to the following schools will have higher chance of being selected: School of Agricultural Engineering, Research Center of Fluid Machinery Engineering and Technology, School of Mechanical Engineering, School of Food and Biological Engineering, Faculty of Science, School of Electrical and Information Engineering, School of Automotive and Traffic Engineering, School of Energy and Power Engineering.

For those who failed to get CSC scholarship, we are pleased to provide JSU Presidential Scholarship which covers whole tuition fees and accommodation for all PhD students and covers 20,000 CNY on tuition for all masters’ students (Please check the related rule). Interested applicants can change to apply for this scholarship.

You can contact us (Email: [email protected]) for further information.

PS: This list is only for students who applied for CSC scholarship from our university directly. If you received the scholarship award from the embassy/consulates, please keep in touch with them, to know if your scholarship is confirmed by the CSC.