Jiangsu Jasmine Scholarships stand as a beacon of educational empowerment, offering opportunities for international students to pursue their academic dreams in the esteemed institutions of Jiangsu Province, China. With a commitment to fostering global talent and promoting cultural exchange, these scholarships have garnered significant attention and recognition worldwide.

Jiangsu Jasmine Scholarships are a global initiative aimed at empowering international students to pursue their academic dreams in China’s prestigious institutions. The scholarships offer financial support, academic guidance, and cultural exchange opportunities. Applicants must meet academic requirements, nationality, and age requirements. The application process involves submitting documents, a study plan, recommendation letters, and a passport. Successful applicants receive financial assistance, mentorship, and cultural exchange opportunities.

To secure the scholarship, applicants should highlight their academic achievements, create a strong personal statement, and seek strong recommendation letters. The program has a transformative effect on scholars’ lives and careers. As the demand for international education grows, Jiangsu Province plans to expand the scholarship program, diversify eligibility criteria, and enhance support services.

Eligibility Criteria

  • 学業要件: Applicants must possess a strong academic background, typically with outstanding academic performance in their previous studies.
  • Nationality Requirements: While these scholarships are open to applicants from various countries, specific eligibility criteria may vary based on nationality.
  • Age Requirements: Generally, applicants must meet the age requirements specified by the scholarship program.

Application Process

To apply for Jiangsu Jasmine Scholarships, candidates must adhere to a structured application process. This includes submitting the required documents, adhering to the application deadline, and following the prescribed application procedure meticulously.

  • Required Documents:
  1. 最高学位証明書(公証コピー)
  2. 高等教育の成績証明書(公証コピー)
  3. 学部卒業証書
  4. 学部の成績証明書
  5. 中国にいる場合は、中国での最新のビザまたは滞在許可証 (大学ポータルのこのオプションでパスポートのホームページを再度アップロードします)
  6. A研究計画または研究提案書
  7. 推薦状
  8. パスポートコピー
  9. 経済的証明
  10. 健康診断書(健康報告)
  11. 英語能力証明書(IELTSは必須ではありません)
  12. 無犯罪証明記録(警察の通行証明書記録)
  13. 受諾書(必須ではありません)
  • Application Deadline: The deadline for submitting applications varies each year and is crucial for prospective candidates to note.
  • Application Procedure: Candidates must carefully follow the outlined steps for submitting their applications, ensuring completeness and accuracy.

Benefits of Jiangsu Jasmine Scholarships

These scholarships offer a multitude of benefits to successful candidates, ranging from financial support to academic guidance and cultural immersion opportunities.

  • Financial Support: Recipients are provided with financial assistance to cover tuition fees, accommodation expenses, and other living costs during their studies.
  • Academic Support: Scholars receive mentorship and academic guidance from experienced faculty members, enhancing their learning experience.
  • Cultural Exchange Opportunities: The scholarships facilitate cultural exchange activities, allowing students to immerse themselves in the rich cultural tapestry of Jiangsu Province.


Achieving success in the application process requires careful planning and preparation. Here are some tips to enhance your chances of securing the Jiangsu Jasmine Scholarship:

  • Highlighting Achievements: Emphasize your academic and extracurricular achievements in your application.
  • Crafting a Strong Personal Statement: Write a compelling personal statement that highlights your academic goals, aspirations, and reasons for applying.
  • Obtaining Strong Recommendation Letters: Seek recommendation letters from reputable individuals who can attest to your academic abilities and character.

Overview of Previous Recipients’ Experiences

The experiences of past scholarship recipients provide valuable insights into the impact of Jiangsu Jasmine Scholarships on their academic and personal growth. Many scholars have lauded the program for its transformative effect on their lives and careers.

Impact on Education

Jiangsu Jasmine Scholarships play a pivotal role in promoting educational excellence and fostering international cooperation in the field of higher education. By supporting talented individuals from diverse backgrounds, these scholarships contribute to the global pool of skilled professionals and future leaders.

Future Outlook and Expansion Plans

As the demand for international education continues to grow, Jiangsu Province remains committed to expanding the reach and impact of the Jasmine Scholarships. Future plans may include increasing the number of scholarships available, diversifying eligibility criteria, and enhancing support services for scholars.


In conclusion, Jiangsu Jasmine Scholarships represent a significant opportunity for ambitious individuals seeking to further their education and broaden their horizons. With a commitment to excellence, diversity, and innovation, these scholarships empower students to pursue their academic aspirations and contribute to a more interconnected world.


  1. **Can I apply for Jiangsu Jasmine Scholarships if I am already studying in China?
    • Yes, international students currently studying in China are eligible to apply for these scholarships, provided they meet the specified criteria.
  2. Are there any specific academic fields covered by the scholarships?
    • Jiangsu Jasmine Scholarships are available across a wide range of academic disciplines, including but not limited to engineering, humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences.
  3. **How competitive is the selection process for these scholarships?
    • The selection process for Jiangsu Jasmine Scholarships is highly competitive, with applicants evaluated based on academic merit, leadership potential, and other criteria.
  4. **Can I work part-time while holding the scholarship?
    • While some scholarships may allow for limited part-time work, it is essential to review the specific terms and conditions of the scholarship program regarding employment opportunities.
  5. **Are there any post-graduate opportunities available to scholarship recipients?
    • Yes, many scholarship recipients go on to pursue post-graduate studies or embark on successful careers in their respective fields upon completing their studies in Jiangsu Province.

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