The 安徽師範大学CSC奨学金 中国のカレッジや大学に在籍している留学生向けです。資格を得るには、学生は 3.0 以上の GPA を持ち、少なくとも 1 学期を修了している必要があります。 study in China.奨学金の支給額は20,000元で、受取人が指定した銀行口座に振り込まれます。

The 安徽師範大学奨学金 全学年の留学生に授与されます。申請期間は通常 9 月に始まり、11 月末まで続きます。

Anhui Normal University で最も古い高等教育機関です。 安徽省 また、早くから設立された国立総合大学の一つでもあります。大学には 16 の大学、7 つの博士課程、72 の大学院課程、56 の学部課程があります。これまでのところ、さまざまな省から 35000 人の学生がおり、2600 人以上の教職員がおり、そのうち 580 人以上が教授と准教授です。


安徽を宣伝し、安徽省の外国人学生の規模を拡大するために、安徽省政府は外国人学生のための奨学金を設定し、安徽の大学で勉強または研究する世界の優秀な学生、教師、学者に資金を提供しています。 AHNUcan は、学部生、修士号、博士号、学生を受け入れます。





Anhui Normal University CSC Scholarship 2023

Authority: 中国奨学金評議会(CSC)による中国政府奨学金2023
University Name: 安徽師範大学
Student Category: Undergraduate Degree Students, Masters Degree Students, and Ph.D. Degree Students
Scholarship Type: Fully Funded Scholarship (Everything is Free)
月給 安徽師範大学奨学金: 2500 for Bachelors degree Students, 3000 RMB for Masters Degree Students, and 3500 RMB For Ph.D. Degree Students

  • Tuition fees will be covered by CSC Scholarship
  • Living Allowance will be provided at your Bank Account
  • Accommodation Twin beds room for undergraduates and Single for graduate students)
  • Comprehensive medical insurance (800RMB)

申請方法 安徽師範大学奨学金: Just Online Apply (No Need To send hard copies)


When you are applying for a Scholarship you just need to get an Acceptance letter to maximize your scholarship approval, so for that, you need faculty links of your department. Go to the University’s website then click on the department and then click on the faculty link. You must contact only relevant professors which means they are most closely to your research interest. Once you found a relevant professor There are main 2 things you need

  1. How to Write an Email for Acceptance letter  Click here (7 Samples of Email to Professor for Admission Under CSC Scholarships). Once Professor Agree to get you under his supervision you need to follow the 2nd steps.
  2. You need an Acceptance letter to get signed by your supervisor, Click here to get the Acceptance Letter Sample


The Eligibility Criteria of 安徽師範大学 CSC奨学金2023については以下に記載されています。

  1. すべての留学生は、安徽師範大学CSC奨学金を申請できます
  2. Age limits for Undergraduate Degree is 30 year, for Masters degree is 35 year, and For Ph.D. is 40 Years
  3. Applicant must be in good health
  4. No criminal record
  5. You can apply with English Proficiency Certificate

Documents Required for Anhui Normal University 2023


  1. CSC Online Application Form (安徽師範大学機関番号、 Click here to get)
  2. Online Application Form of Anhui Normal University
  3. Highest Degree Certificate (Notarized copy)
  4. Transcripts of Highest Education (Notarized copy)
  5. Undergraduate Diploma
  6. Undergraduate Transcript
  7. if you are in china Then the most recent visa or residence permit in China (Upload Passport Home page again in this option on University Portal)
  8. A Study Plan or Research Proposal
  9. Two Recommendation Letters
  10. Passport Copy
  11. Economic proof
  12. Physical Examination Form (Health Report)
  13. English Proficiency Certificate (IELTS is not Mandatory)
  14. No Criminal Certificate Record (Police Clearance Certificate Record)
  15. Acceptance Letter (Not Mandatory)

How to Apply For 安徽師範大学CSC奨学金 2023

There are few steps you need to follow for CSC Scholarship Application.

  1. (Sometimes optional and sometimes must Need) Try to get Supervisor and Acceptance letter from him in your hand
  2. You Should Fill CSC Scholarship Online Application Form.
  3. Second, You Should Fill 安徽師範大学 CSC奨学金のオンライン申請 2023
  4. Upload all Required Documents for China Scholarship on CSC Website
  5. There is No application fee during the Online Application for Chinse Government Scholarship
  6. Print Both Application forms along with your documents send by email and through courier service at the University address.


The Scholarship online portal opens from November it’s mean you can start applying from November and the Application Deadline is: 30 April Each Year

Approval & Notification

After receiving the application materials and payment document, the University Admission Committee for the program will assess all the application documents and provide China Scholarship Council with the nominations for approval. Applicants will be informed of the final admission decision made by CSC.

Anhui Normal University CSC Scholarship Result 2023

安徽師範大学 CSC 奨学金の結果は 7 月末に発表されます。 CSC Scholarship Result section here. You can find CSC Scholarship and Universities Online Application Status And Their Meanings here.

If you have any questions you can ask in the comment below.