Notary attestation is a very important and common requirement for documents, Notary attestation is available like affidavits, agreements, power of attorney, photocopy of birth certificate, marriage certificate, CNIC, passport and degree certificates etc.

Notary attestation of documents is required in Pakistan for court matters, for the submission of documents in many govt departments, and in embassies in foreign countries.

How to get Notary Attestation

In Pakistan, many registered lawyers have been awarded the license to notarize/attest photocopies after reviewing and checking the original documents and other important documents like affidavits etc. Those lawyers called Notary Public and they charge a fee against attestation of each paper.

Along with notary attestation in Pakistan, there is another verification which is called attestation of documents from First Class Magistrate. This attestation is mostly required for use of documents in foreign countries.

Simply you just need to go district court you can ask anyone you want to do attestation of your education document,  everybody knows there about attention.