You’ve filled out all of the application forms and passed all tests. Now it’s time to impress the admissions officers at your university with a compelling college essay.

The average college application essay is around 500 words. Those words could make the difference between acceptance or rejection. While you will spend many hours researching and writing your essay, admissions officers will only be able to read it in a matter of minutes.

1. 1. Read carefully the instructions

The hardest part of writing an essay is starting it. Although you may not think it is necessary to mention the need to carefully read the instructions, this is a crucial point to make with all the stress and excitement that surrounds this time in your life.

The admissions officer might assume that you are not capable of following the university’s guidelines if you do not follow them. You must follow the rules to organize your submission.

Once you have read the instructions and taken notes, you can begin to create an outline for your essay. This will help you organize it and determine your message. Now it’s time to start writing your first draft.

2. 2. Start with a captivating introduction

It’s not easy to write great writing, but it is possible if one is smart about it. Journalism professionals will tell you that a good introduction is essential to grabbing readers’ attention.

Admissions officers will only spend a short time reading your essay. Therefore, you must start with a compelling paragraph that will keep them interested. Your introduction should explain to the reader what your essay is all about and grab their attention. An anecdote, or interesting story could be used to open the introduction. This will allow the reader to discover more about you and help them understand who you are.

3. Use your inner voice

Universities value authenticity and quality thinking. Don’t try to make your essay based on phrases or ideas others have used before. Instead, base it on your true beliefs.

Your application essay is your chance to impress admissions officers with your enthusiasm and knowledge about your chosen subject. It should reflect all your talents and ambitions. Also, show how the program will benefit you in the future.

How To Write A Great College Application Essay

How To Write A Great College Application Essay

4. Avoid cliches

You will be encouraged to look at some great essays while you are researching your application essay. This is a wonderful exercise. However, many students let their imaginations run wild and resort to clichés to impress admission officers.

There are many students applying for the university you want, so it is important to stand out from the crowd. You can reread your essay and delete any sentences that sound cliche. Try to find a new angle.

Admission officers receive thousands of applications each year. It’s only natural that they will find those who bring unique personalities to the table. Let them find that!

5. Use examples to back up your ideas

An essay for college is basically a peek into your mind and outlook on the world. You want your essay credible so make sure that everything you write supports this viewpoint. Consider how the essay question is related to your personal characteristics and then choose a particular angle.

This means that when you express an idea, it’s not enough to simply state a fact. You also need to include details and examples in order to support your ideas. This can be done by sharing your personal experiences and writing about the reasons you believe a certain thing.

6. Stick to a clear essay plan

Although creativity is a great aspect of writing, don’t forget that an organized essay can be just as good. You don’t want to write too many words with no meaning. Therefore, it is important that you only write about one topic at a given time.

There will be a limit to the words you can use in an essay. Before you start writing, create a plan. Divide your essay into three parts (introduction to body, conclusion) and determine the key ideas.

7. Ask someone to proofread it

To create a top-notch college application, you will likely read it several times to ensure that there are no spelling or grammar mistakes. After a while, you may need to get a new perspective. Ask someone who hasn’t seen the project yet to have a look. They will likely see mistakes that you won’t notice.

Asking a parent or teacher to proofread your essay will help you not only catch errors but also check that it sounds authentic to you. It can be difficult to determine if the essay you have just written is true to who you are after reading through so many examples and following all of those instructions. To ensure that your essay is flawless, you can enlist the assistance of others.