Travel Grant for Doctorate Students (Pakistani Student)

>>>>>For travel grant process mostly for PHD’s<<<<<<

1) Make a quotation of air travel from a travel agent dated at least 42 days before arrival.
2) Go to kachehri of your district and purchase a 100 Rs stamp paper(for surety bond). Print the specimen on it downloaded from HEC website
3) Make it stamped from oath commissioner and first class magistrate.
4) Fill in the form downloaded from hec website.
5) One photocopy of MS/M.Phil preferably attested by HEC (if you can’t go to HEC again then attach a simple double sided photocopy of it.
6) A copy of passport and CNIC
7) Photocopies of CNIC of 2 witnesses and 2 guarantees.
8) Attach a copy of your award letter/admission letter too.


Download form:…/SC…/Documents/Application%20Form.pdf

Follow these steps but remember u have to pay your tickets fare , when process will complete. Most probably after joining your host university.