A quick advice for students who want to apply for family Visas. The family included all close family members Father, mother, brother, sister, Spouse, Kids etc.

You need to get the Invitation letter from your respective International students’ office by showing them the details of your family members who want to travel.


If your family is coming to stay with you, please note that you have to arrange the stay and residence for them so ask your School of International education first for assistance. They will guide you about the procedure of arrangement of residence (some Univ. provide family apartment facility and some do not) as you may have to hire a rented apartment for family and it’s a big expense as normally yearly/half-yearly payments to be made in advance so you should plan accordingly. CSC holders would get an additional 1000 RMB besides the CSC usual scholarship if they want to hire an apartment outside.

It is therefore advised to first secure admission for yourself, join the University get used to environment and then proceed accordingly.


Types of Visas

S1 Visa- Convertible to Family residence permit

S2 Visa-Not convertible to Residence permit

So please carefully apply for the correct visa type, In case of spouse and babies who want to live on residence permit please choose S1 type only and insist on issuance of S1.

Documents Needed

You need following documents.

  1. Invitation letter by your University mentioning your student details and also your spouse name and passport.
  2. Your own Passport/Residence permit copies
  3. Your computerized marriage certificate attested by Mofa./Kinship Certificate mentioning the details of relatives coming to you
  4. Police clearance certificate attested by Mofa.
  5. Medical certificate from embassy designated hospitals.(mofa attestation not reqd.)
  6. In case of children, childbirth certificate attested by Mofa. MoFA means Ministry of Foreign affairs.
  7. The Marriage certificate, Childbirth certificate or Kinship certificate is also needed to be attested by the Chinese embassy in your respective country.(They may need a Chinese translated version also for their records)
  8. Duly filled visa form with photos on it, downloadable at …………….

The rest is all formal embassy procedure, you visit the embassy with all original documents with photocopies and completed visa form. They check the documents and stamp the visa in 3 to 4 days.

Post-arrival Steps

Once your relatives arrive in China, please note you have to report to a local police station for local registration. Next step is an issuance of Residence permit for the relatives who are on S1 visa which is to be completed within 30 days of arrival. The international office will again help you in preparation of all required documents and be applying for the residence permit at local PSB.

Download Visa form:  Visa Application Form for Pakistan

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