La Siemens China Scholarship is available at Universidad de Tsinghua para estudiantes graduados internacionales. The scholarship supports outstanding international students to pursue Ph.D. degrees in different fields at Tsinghua University.

Through study and practice at the forefront of industrial technology development, scholarship recipients will lay the foundation for the growth of innovative talents in the industry.

Tsinghua University is a major research university in Beijing and a member of the elite C9 League of Chinese universities. It is dedicated to academic excellence, advancing the well-being of Chinese society, and global development.

Becas de la Universidad de Tsinghua por Siemens China Descripción:

  • Plazo de solicitudes: For all applications is March 1st, 2024
  • Nivel del curso: La beca está abierta a estudiantes de posgrado.
  • Sujeto de estudio The scholarships will be awarded for Ph.D. degrees in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Computer Science and Technology, Academy of Arts & Design, School of Software, Department of Automation, Department of Electrical Engineering, and other related departments or schools at Tsinghua University.
  • Premio de beca: Tuition fees: 40,000 RMB/year; living allowance (including accommodation, medical insurance, books or other materials, transportation, etc.): 160,000 RMB/year in total.
  • Nacionalidad: internacionalmente
  • Número de Becas: Múltiples becas están disponibles
  • La beca se puede tomar en Beijing

Elegibilidad para las Becas de la Universidad de Tsinghua de Siemens China:

  • países elegibles: Los estudiantes internacionales están invitados a aplicar.
  • Requisitos de entrada: Applicants for the scholarship should meet all the following requirements:
  • Meet the requirements of admission for international graduate students (detailed information refers to the Admission to Graduate Programs of Tsinghua University 2024.
  • Los estudiantes deben aplicar el departamento/escuela
  • Students must appreciate Siemens values and be willing to work together with Siemens to carry out research work.
  • A los solicitantes no se les ofrecen otros tipos de becas para estudiar en la Universidad de Tsinghua.

Procedimiento de solicitud de becas de la Universidad de Tsinghua por parte de Siemens China:

The applicant should read this introduction carefully and make sure that they meet the requirements of the scholarship.

  • Cargue los documentos de la solicitud que se enumeran a continuación a través de 'Cargar documentos de la solicitud-Otros'
  • Formulario de solicitud para la beca Siemens China
  • Foreigner Physical Examination Form: The original copy will be kept by you, and the form is uniformly printed by Chinese healthy quarantine departments. It must be written in English.
  • The application form for the Siemens China Scholarship and the Foreigner Physical Examination Form can be downloaded from the attachment to this introduction.

Cómo aplicar:Apply for 2024 full-time international graduate programs and submit the online application at

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