Documents Attestation Procedure for Visa Process

Attestation is very important for any student, who is willing to go abroad for higher studies or job.  You have to show your attested documents from Board and HEC. If you start it from now, it will save your time and money at the time of visa process. Suggestion: Simply follow this complete process and ready your documents before mid of August.

1st Step is Board verification Metric and Fsc

2nd Step Go for IBCC

3rd Step is HEC

Last Step is Attestation From MOFA

Then go to Embassy

Board verification Metric and Fsc

1- For Board verification, Take 2 photocopies of your Matric and FA/F.Sc. degree with your CNIC copies attested by the 18-grade officer.

2- Than asks from the window of inquiry about the fee of foreign visa document attestation. Fee normally 1000-3000. Vary from the board to board. Pay the fee and submit the Challan with your documents. Documents Attestation Procedure for Visa Process

3- The will give you attested degree with sealed envelope of your degree or photocopy and Certificate regarding original degree authentication.

Note: Take all the documents to IBCC for further attestation.Documents Attestation Procedure for Visa Process

IBCC Rules of Attestation:

No. IBCC/ATN-RULES/8118-86 12 December 2022



Reference is invited to Resolution No.5 of the 113 th meeting of Inter Board Committee of Chairmen held on 19-20 September 2022, at AJK Mirpur.

2. During the meeting under reference, the following Rules of Inter Board Committee of Chairmen for attestation of Secondary School Certificates, Higher Secondary School Certificates issued by Boards of Intermediate and Secondary Education in Pakistan, Diplomas by Boards of Technical Education etc., Shahadat-ul-Saanviat-ul-Aama, Shahadat-ul-Saanviat-ul-Khasa by recognized Deeni Madaris of Pakistan, School Leaving Certificates, Mark Sheets, Result Card

 Application Form were approved:-

1- Application Form (1-Page) may be obtained from Window/Reception which is available free of cost (attached). Application Form can also be downloaded from Web Site of IBCC (,). Please ensure to fill all the columns. In case any column(s) is left blank, IBCC may not be able to process the case.

2- All the SSCs, HSSCs, Diplomas, Shahadat-ul-Saanviat-ul-Aama, Shahadatul-Saanviat-ul-Khasa, Marks Sheets, School Leaving Certificate etc. should be got verified from the issuing authority/Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education/Board of Technical Education concerned before submitting it to IBCC for attestation. IBCC will attest only those certificates which have been verified by the respective issuing authority.

3- Only the certificates of those Private Schools/Colleges/institutions will be attested which are either affiliated with a Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Board of Technical Education or registered with Directorate of Education. The applicant will get the document verified from the respective BISE, BTE and Directorate of Education
etc. before depositing the same with IBCC. He will provide proof of such Affiliation or Registration e.g. copy of Affiliation/Registration Certificate/letter etc.

4- If the certificate is found genuine, is okay in all respects and meet requirements of Rules of IBCC, BISE, BTE, Government, respective institution(s) etc. it will be attested and delivered on the next working day of the date of deposit.

5- In case of need, clarification, doubt or any fact/particular/thing about certificate is not clear it will be attested after verification and meeting the necessary requirements.

6- If any certificate submitted to IBCC is found fake/bogus after verification by the IBCC, it will be forfeited and will not be returned to the applicant and necessary action under the Rules of IBCC will be taken against the applicant/holder of the certificate.Documents Attestation Procedure for Visa Process

7- Attestation of Original Certificate(s) is compulsory.Documents Attestation Procedure for Visa Process

8- Photocopy of the certificate will be attested after attestation of original certificate.

9- Applicants from the provinces of Baluchistan, NWFP, Punjab and Sindh will submit their certificates for attestation to the Regional Offices of IBCC located at all Provincial Headquarters i.e. Quetta, Peshawar, Lahore and Karachi. Name, Designation, Address, Phone and Fax numbers of Regional Offices are as under;-

Islamabad Head Office
Assistant Secretary(Attestation & Academics),
Inter Board Committee of Chairmen,
At Federal Board of Intermediate and
Secondary Education Building,
H-8/4, Islamabad
Phone; (051) 9235019
Fax; (051) 9250451
(051) 9250454

Karachi Regional Office
Assistant Secretary (Equivalence & Attestation),
Inter Board Committee of Chairmen,
At Board of Intermediate Education Building,
Bakhtiari Youth Centre,
North Nazimabad,
Phone; (021) 36639878
Fax; (021) 36639878

Lahore Regional Office
Assistant Secretary (Equivalence and Attestation),
Inter Board Committee of Chairmen,
At Board of Intermediate and
Secondary Education Building,
86-Mozang Road, Lahore
Phone; (042) 99203893
Fax; (042) 99203893

Peshawar Regional Office
Assistant Secretary (Equivalence and Attestation),
Inter Board Committee of Chairmen,
At Board of Intermediate and
Secondary Education Building,
Jamrud Road, Peshawar
Phone; (091) 9216454
Fax; (091) 9216454

Quetta Regional Office
Mr. Sher Jan,
Assistant Secretary (Equivalence and Attestation),
Inter Board Committee of Chairmen,
At Board of Intermediate and
Secondary Education, Quetta
Phone; (081) 826716
Fax; (081) 826710

10- Certificates for attestation will be accepted from the holder of the certificate, parents, brothers and sisters only.

11- Attested Certificates will be delivered to the holder of the certificate, parents, brothers and sisters only.

12- Please remove plastic coating before depositing certificate. Certificates with plastic coating will not be accepted.

13- Please obtain a Challan Form from Window Office for depositing fee in a Bank. It is free of cost.

14- Fee of Rs.200/- will be charged for attestation of each original certificate /document.

15- Fee of Rs.100/- will be charged for attestation of each copy of original certificate/document

16- Fee deposited in the Bank is non-refundable.

17- Time for furnishing Application Forms is from 0815 hrs to 1500 hrs on all working days except Fridays. On Fridays it is from 0815 hrs to 1100 hrs.

18- Delivery Time (next day after the day of deposit) on all working days except Fridays from 0815 hrs to 1500 hrs. On Fridays it is from 0815 to 1100 hrs.

19- Visiting Hours from 1100 hrs to 1200 hrs on all working days except Fridays. On Fridays visiting hours are from 1030 hrs to 1130 hrs.

20- For further details students/applicants may visit respective IBCC window staff. They will provide every possible help to the applicant (s).

21- Rules of IBCC for Attestation of SSCs, HSSCs, Diplomas, Marks Sheets etc. will be inserted in web-page of IBCC for information of general public and also to be depicted at a prominent place out-side premises of all the five offices of IBCC.

22- All employees will observe break as per Govt. rules for lunch and prayer.


HEC Requirements for Degree Attestation:

Print out of Application Form of the same day.
1- Original SSC, HSSC, Bachelor Degree and Onwards along with Result cards/ DMCs/ Transcripts.

2- Set of Photocopies of Above listed documents for HEC record.

3- Copy of Computerized National Identity Card/ Passport (in case of Foreign Nationals).

4-  Equivalence of HEC in case of Bachelor or Master Degree, etc. from abroad or Deeni Asnaad.

5- In case a degree has not been issued, the Detailed Marks Certificate/Transcript can be attested provided:

6-  Verification letter from the Controller of Examinations of the concerned university is attached.

7-  The applicant has passed degree programme within the three years from the date of commencement of examination.

8-  In case application is being submitted by a person other than the degree holder, the following documents are required:

– Authority letter duly attested by a Grade 17 officer for the authorized person.

– Copy of the Computerized Identity Card of the Authorized person.

9- For attestation of “Shahadatul Almiya fil uloomm al Arabia wal Islamia” please enter particulars of Middle, Aama, Khasa in the online application form and attach equivalence given by HEC.

10- For attestation of “Equivalence letter” issued by HEC, attach original Equivalence letter along with attested copies of all documents.

11-For the attestation of “CPSP Fellowship/Membership” certificate get it verified from the controller of examinations of CPSP before submitting to HEC.


Note: HEC attests original documents first then photocopies. No request for the attestation of photocopies would be entertained without the attestation of original documents.

MOFA Attestation and Rules

Monday to Thursday: 8 AM to 1 PM Friday:        8 AM to 12 Noon

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Islamabad and all its Offices at Peshawar, Lahore, Karachi and Quetta do not either the contents or the genuineness of the document. Tl only countersigns the attestation made by other authority like the educational certificates which have to be attested IBCC and Higher Education Commission etc. The Ministry, thus, verifies the signatures of concerned attesting authorities These documents include:


Documents issued by v provincial and local gov be used abroad Pakistan;

  • Documents verified/attested by our Foreign Missions which are intended to be presented in Pakistan


Further, the Ministry only attests documents in Urdu and English versions. Document or its translation in any other language other than English is not attested. Applicants may get their attested documents translated from the Translation Centres, approved by the concerned diplomatic Mission, in Islamabad and submit directly to the Embassies. Documents once attested, will remain valid forever and hence will not be re-attested.

Attestation made by the Camp Offices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at Lahore, Quetta, Peshawar, Karachi has the same weightage and authenticity as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Islamabad and hence, will not be re-attested. Photocopy or translation of any document will be attested when the original document is presented or it is attested by a gazetted officer of BPS-17 or above.


The Ministry provides consular services at it’s Headquarters in Islamabad as well as at its Camp Offices in the four provincial capitals. Addresses and telephone numbers of these offices.

S. No.Office AddressTel. No.
1.Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Constitution Avenue ,


2.Camp Office Karachi, Main Shahrah-e-Faisal, Adjacent to FTC building Karachi .021-9204989
3.Camp Office Lahore , No. 1-AC Off. Club Road GOR-1,042­9200247
4.Camp Office Peshawar , No. 66-C-1, University Road , University Town Peshawar091-9218126
5.Camp Office Quetta , Room 28, 2nd Floor, Block 07, Civil Secretariat Balochistan, Quetta081-9203155


S.No.NATURE OF DOCUMENTSAttestation Stamp (Rs) (available from Post Office)PROCEDURAL REQUIREMENTS
1Nikah Nama (Urdu)Rs. 5Seal of Nikah Registrar; copy may be
2 Birth
Rs. 5issued by concerned Secretary Union Council or Chief Officer or Tehsil Municipal Officer or Executive Officer of Cant Board.
3B. Form(Urdu)Rs. 5Issued by NADRA or old B.form having the stamp of District Registration Officer (in original)
Rs. 5Issued by District Police Officer
5Medical CertificateRs. 5Issued or countersigned by Medical Superintendent of any Govt. Hospital
Rs. 5Issued by Secretary Union Council alongwith ID card Cancellation certificate issued from NADRA or the concerned registration office.

Rs. 5Divorce Certificate should be issued by Chairman Arbitration Council of the Area or the Court judgment regarding dissolution of marriage should be presented for attestation.
8Rs. 10
Rs. 5
Affidavit from Parents and an unmarried certificate from Secretary/Nazim Union Council should be attached with the affidavit.
9ID card
Cancellation Form (Urdu)
Rs. 5Issued by NADRA or District Registration Officer.
10Driving LicenseRs. 5Original Driving License has to be presented at the counter alongwith NOC issued by concerned License Issuing Authority. Only original NOC is attested. Copy of CARD driving license is also attested.
11School Leaving Certificate (Urdu)Rs. 5School leaving certificate of Class I-IX countersigned by District Education Officer and Class X attested by Inter Board Committee of Chairman (IBCC).
12Secondary School CertificateRs. 5Attested by IBCC
13Higher Secondary School CertificateRs. 5Attested by IBCC
14Diploma of One year duration and short coursesRs. 25These certificates first have to be attested by National Training Bureau
15Bachelors and Masters DegreeRs. 25Attested by Higher Education
16Degrees/Diploma Certificates relating to

Medical professionals PMDC Reg., etc. Experience Certificates

Rs. 5
All the documents have first to be attested by the Ministry of National Regulations and Services. The MBBS degree has to be attested by HEC.

  • The applicant himself or his family member with authority letter;
  • The person presenting the documents on behalf of his relative is required to show his/her original ID card/Passport/Driving License/University Card/School Card/Domicile/Office Card or any of his valid ID.
  •  If no family member of the applicant is residing in Pakistan, the applicant is required to produce an authority letter duly signed by our Mission abroad to the authorized person to be brought at the counter along with other related documents.


The documents needing attestations can be submitted at consular office window on the given timings. The attested documents are likely to be returned to the applicants after two hours of their submission.


The following documents in original as well as the copies of these documents are
not attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as these do not fall under the
purview of the Ministry:
 Passports
 Domicile
 ID card
 Documents related to immoveable property (i.e Registries of the plots and
agriculture land)

Drop Box Facility for Attestation of Documents at Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its Camp Offices

In order to facilitate the general public, following courier companies have been authorized to receive documents for attestation (except Power of Attorney) from Ministry of Foreign Affairs and all its Camp Offices located at four provincial headquarters. These are TCS, Gerry’s, OCS, UPS, Leopards. This Ministry will receive documents in respect of Rawalpindi / Islamabad and its suburbs. Documents from other cities will be received by the respective camp office.

a) Service Charges:

Rs. 100/- In City(Rawalpindi-Islamabad, Karachi, Quetta, Peshawar, Lahore)
Rs. 200/- Out-City(Any city other than mentioned above)

i. Service charges shall be inclusive of all taxes.

ii. No additional service charges/hidden charges shall be admissible.

iii. The service Charges are for each applicant/case and not for each document.

Note:Expenditure on stamps to be affixed on documents will be borne by the

b) Loss of Documents by the Courier Companies:

i. The Courier Company shall be responsible for the total cost of reconstruction of any documents whether damaged or lost.

ii. Any cost involved in transportation/lodging of the person

whose documents are damaged / lost shall also be borne by the Courier Company.

iii. No additional charges shall be levied on the affected person whose documents are damaged /lost.
The general public is requested to make use of the drop box facility. However, before submitting your documents please make sure that these are in order and fulfill all the requirements. Details are mentioned above and also available with the concerned courier companies.Documents Attestation Procedure for Visa Process