CSC Result of University of International Business and Economics are announced. you can download the CSC Result of University of International Business and Economics here. After the review and approval by China Scholarship Council, the students on the following final list have been awarded with the 2022/19Chinese Government Scholarship. Congratulations!

Congratulations to the following students who applied through UIBE for YES CHINA Program scholarship!

2022HMP010275ALAM, ZEESHAN1984-04-01巴基斯坦硕研亚投行国际金融硕士
2022HMP010276CHOWDHURY, MD RASHIDUL HASAN1984-10-23孟加拉硕研亚投行国际金融硕士
2022HMP010277SULTANA, FARJANA1989-02-02孟加拉硕研亚投行国际金融硕士
2022HMP010278CHAUDHRY, MUHAMMAD KHALIL1977-11-16巴基斯坦硕研国际经济合作(MIEC)
2022HMP010279BOBOJONOV, AZIMJON1991-12-25乌兹别克斯坦硕研亚投行国际金融硕士
2022HMP010280ZUNDUI, TSOLMONBAYAR1981-01-23蒙古硕研亚投行国际金融硕士
2022HMP010281IQBAL, AFSHAN1982-11-25巴基斯坦硕研国际经济合作(MIEC)
2022HMP010282AWAIS, AFIFA SHAJIA1990-09-29巴基斯坦硕研国际经济合作(MIEC)
2022HMP010283ERDENEBAATAR, ENKHZAYA1989-06-08蒙古硕研国际经济合作(MIEC)
2022HMP010284ENKHBAATAR, BAYARMAA1983-11-18蒙古硕研国际经济合作(MIEC)
2022HMP010285RAJABBOEV, MUZAFFAR1984-04-08乌兹别克斯坦硕研国际经济合作(MIEC)

 Congratulations to above winners and please check your email to answer our email for your mail address and plane ticket booking information, so that we can send the admission documents to you and deliver your plane ticket information to CSC ASAP.

Winners List of 2022/2022 CSC scholarship-Local Government Program

Congratulations to the following students for Local Government Program scholarship!

2022DFH012031ASSIRI, AMER ABDULAZIZ F1983-4-14沙特阿拉伯博研金融学
2022DFH012032NURGALI, AIDA1994-12-1哈萨克斯坦硕研国际关系
2022DFH012033NGUYEN NGOC, HONG SON1996-3-4越南硕研工商管理
2022DFH012034LEE, SANGMEE1995-3-27韩国硕研国际贸易学