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Why learn Mandarin?

China is a fast-growing economy, already the second largest in the world. Being able to speak Chinese can give you the upper edge in your career and open up wealth opportunities (both business and professional) now, and in the future.

The Chinese Language Learning Software is broken up into many regional dialects, however, the official dialect that is taught in all schools is Mandarin. The second most spoken dialect is Cantonese. If you are interested in learning Chinese, Mandarin is your best bet, as it is the most spoken dialect in China.

Challenges to learning Mandarin– Why software helps

Mandarin can be difficult to learn, however in some aspects it is actually easier to learn than English. Let’s take a look at why this is:

Why is Mandarin Difficult?

  • Tones: Chinese languages are tonal (unlike Korean and Japanese). This means that the way you inflect the pitch of your voice can change the entire meaning of a word. This can be particularly troublesome for English speakers who are not adapted to hearing these tones. Fortunately, there are only 5 tones in Mandarin, and with practice, you can easily identify them.
  • Writing: The Chinese language does not really have an alphabet like English, French, Spanish, etc. Instead, the Chinese language is written entirely using characters. This can be an issue since you cannot really sound out a word phonetically from simply looking at a Chinese character.

Why is Mandarin Easy?

  • Grammar: Chinese grammar is remarkably simple compared to that of English or French. There are very few rule exceptions and verbs and nouns require very little conjugation. Tenses in Chinese are very easy to implement as well.

Whereas a Romance language such as Spanish or French (or even German), may be studied on your own from books, the radically different nature of Mandarin requires some extra attention. Pronunciation and tonal accuracy is very important, so you need something more than just a book.

Best Chinese Language Learning Software represents a great solution to the difficulties that you can encounter when trying to learn Mandarin. But which software is the best for learning Mandarin?

Chinese Reading Apps

Du Chinese

Du Chinese is a revolutionary app will help you to improve your Chinese reading skills.

I am impressed by the clean design and user interface. It is easy to use and loading material takes only seconds. You can read by yourself or listen to an audio recording and read along. The characters and pinyin layout look very comfortable. You can easily turn the pinyin on and off and switch Chinese characters between Simplified and Traditional. It supports English translations for single words and sentences. All sentences have been carefully translated and they stay as true as possible to the original Mandarin.

The reading material topics are quite interesting, covering daily conversations, Chinese culture, current events,the latest trends, funny stories, and regular life in China. They are marked by difficulty, ranging from newbie to master. Each session is also labelled from HSK level 1 ~ 6+. It is easy to find material for your level.

Chinese Characters Apps


If you have trouble memorizing Chinese characters, then Zizzle will definitely help you.

This app breaks down characters into their component parts. Then, they use images and a short story to help you remember these components. Most of the stories are ridiculous or funny enough to be memorable. Each tone is represented by a certain animal which helps you remember the character. It also teaches characters that build up from smaller to more complex characters in a logical way.

I am in love with this app, and its method taught me characters that I have tried and failed to learn in the classroom. It presents an effective, novel, and fun way to learn and memorize Chinese characters. If you are total beginner, I can safely say you will know hundreds of characters in few days and be able to read them confidently.

Use the promo code “DIGMANDARIN10” to save 10% on all three-month and annual subscriptions, as well as packs.

Chinese Dictionary Apps


The dictionary app will probably be one of the most useful and frequently used ones for people learning Mandarin; Pleco may be the app most frequently recommended for this function. It allows you to quickly look up a Chinese word or character wherever you are.

Pleco Key features:

  1. Chinese handwriting recognition: the option to hand write instead of typing in pinyin is very useful when searching for characters you don’t know.
  2. OCR: it allows you to look up unknown Chinese words ‘live’ using your device’s camera, or tap-lookup words in a still image.
  3. Stroke order guides: to help you find out how to write the Chinese characters in the proper order.
  4. Flashcard system: insanely powerful/customizable system, making it extremely easy to add new flashcards from dictionary entries or to import pre-made vocabulary lists.

Online Chinese Degree

Chinese Listening Apps


No doubt that Chineseclass101 is one of the most well-structured podcast Mandarin courses available today. With language instruction podcasts, you can improve your pronunciation and boost your listening comprehension skills.

ChineseClass101 has an extensive collection of audio materials covering all levels. By having access to different levels, you can choose the best one for you. Each lesson has notes that include the key grammar point broken down clearly along with Chinese cultural insights. The lesson dialogue will help you understand real-life conversations in China and will definitely help you improve your listening skills. It also offers an interactive voice recorder tool, which lets you record your pronunciation and compare it to that of a native speaker.


Chinesepod is another example of a podcast Mandarin app. The quantity of lessons is pretty big. It even has more interactive exercises for learning new words and phrases. In ChinesePod, the amount of Mandarin speech in each lesson is increased step-by-step. Even lessons for Upper-Intermediate students have  English explanations which are quite helpful! Advanced students may enjoy Mandarin-only podcast lessons.

Best Chinese Language Learning Software

Best Chinese Language Learning Software

Gamification Apps

Hello Chinese

Hello, Chinese is a powerful learning tool that can help you overcome the fear of learning Chinese. This app focuses on daily life topics. It starts from basic pinyin so that even if you are a total beginner or have absolutely no background in Chinese, you can still learn with it. What is special is that this app allows you to listen and record your own voice, and to help you check automatically if your pronunciation is correct. It`s a comparatively easy way to measure your pronunciation. The studying process is not boring. Learners are not overwhelmed with information. Lessons are taught in a very precise and careful manner. What`s more, there are many exercises and quizzes to help you consolidate all that you have learned.

Chinese Speaking Apps

Hello Talk

Have you been learning a new language for a while, and feel like it’s time to start practicing and using it? That’s where Hello Talk can help. It is a language exchange app that has over one million users. It’s easy to find natives from China willing to help you practice Chinese.

Hello Talk Key features:

  • Voice and Text chat
  • Moments, like the group chatroom
  • Translation and Transliteration: Translation allows you to read in English what someone typed in Chinese in case you didn’t understand it. You can use the transliteration option when a native speaker writes Chinese to you, to instantly see the pinyin.
  • Voice recognition system: You can simply speak and the system will attempt to convert that to text to send to your language partner.

These are my top Chinese language learning apps. I bet you also have your own picks. What would you recommend to fellow Chinese learners? What apps do you think are worth the time and the money? Just comment below and let us know your favorites. Maybe your picks will make this list one day!

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