The CSC announced the latest policy for scholarships which is a little bit disappointing for some countries where there is no type A scholarship or no supporting agency.

Can scholarships applicant apply for CSC Scholarship in more than one University?

Thank you for using the Chinese Government Scholarship Information System. Before proceeding, please read the terms and conditions carefully. If you do not agree with any of the terms and conditions, you may choose not to submit your application. You (the applicant) should be aware that by submitting this application, you will have consented to the terms and conditions, regardless of the application’s final result.

  1. Each applicant will be issued a username and password by the CSC after they have completed the registration process. The applicant is fully responsible for the username and password. The applicant will be liable for activities and events carried out under this account.
  2. The applicant is fully responsible for the authenticity, legality, validity and accuracy of all the information contained within the application and the supporting documents. The applicants must not impersonate others and must not include any information/document in the application that does not belong to them. The applicants will be unable to edit the application after the submission. Any false or misleading information contained in the submitted application and the supporting documents will negatively influence the scholarship application and the applicant will be responsible for the corresponding consequences.
  3. Each scholarship awardee cannot partake in more than one Chinese government-provided scholarship program during his/her study period in China. If an awardee is to have breached this rule, the SC reserves the right to cancel the scholarship that might already have been awarded to him/her.
  4. To apply for Type A application, in the circumstance that the applicant is rejected by all preferred universities or voluntarily give up the application, the applicant will lose the scholarship opportunity.
  5. Within each enrollment year, each applicant is allowed to submit no more than 3 applications, including a maximum of 2 Type A and 1 Type B applications. Multiple Type A applications of one applicant shall not be submitted to the same agency. Under the circumstance that applicant of Type B application having several preferred Chinese universities, the applicant shall choose one of them for scholarship application. The university within the submitted Type B application will be regarded as the applicant’s final decision, which is not allowed to change when the application is processed.
  6. Terms of Privacy: User privacy is one of the CS’s most valued principles. The CSC will strive to protect the private information of applicants through technical, management and other measures. Once the application is submitted, the applicants agree that the relevant data contained in the application will be provided to the dispatching authorities and universities, for the purposes of their admissions and studies.